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"Gold dragoman " have necessarily abide by professional morality and the commend
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A lot of dragoman are dissatisfactory to his income, so, how ability comes true and promote ego “ value ” , become the ” of “ gold dragoman that translates an industry? ” of ——“ gold dragoman has the commendable quality that abides by sincere letter of professional morality and “ to be more than day ” to abide by acceptance necessarily.

Above all, want experienced good essential technique, become an eligible interpreter, not only the professional knowledge that wants perfectness and relevant field, still ask to have solid language strength, it is clear to can convey textual meaning can convey textual meaning with accurate and succinct language. This should reinforce oneself culture at ordinary times with respect to requirement dragoman, raise oneself interpreter level through study and communication.

Next, manner of even decorous collaboration, abide by acceptance, pay attention to just communicate with collaboration, the translation with good quality, beautiful layout refers a client or translate a company hard.

Must notice in working process, just communicate with collaboration more, give the other side in time feedback information. Such not only conduce to the translation quality that improves oneself, and still can deepen collaboration to just be opposite oneself impression, increase the chance of follow-up order then.

In show level, translate quality and cooperative condition to spend double actor, the ” of “ gold dragoman that makes a client satisfactory is little little, the scale in translating practitioner is very little more. So, as dragoman, must let oneself enter the range of ” of “ gold dragoman hard.

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