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Network and interpreter course of study are allied
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Internet and substance are united in wedlock, make the commercial pattern of mouse + cement, nowadays already more and more get the affirmation of people.
Should say, to resembling car, chemical industry this kind passes all manufacturing industry, the action of even if Internet develops acme, also can be costar only; And to traditional service industry especially for intelligence service industry, the meaning of Internet absolutely not simple, it can give what a traditional industry brings essential sex to change even, translate an industry for instance.
According to estimation, interpreter market dimensions of the whole world already amounted to 8 billion dollar 2000. Alleged world big market shapes increasingly, the connection between world each country is even more close also, it is under premise of such a times, the communication barrier that language barrier place forms is actually increasing and not be to weaken. But traditional interpreter industry is medium, the client distributings to disperse relatively with what translate personnel, the contact that this is both sides and cause very great difficulty in coordination. Below this kind of circumstance, translating an industry can be the labor of type of a kind of manual mill only below a lot of circumstances, scope is limited, and efficiency is inferior. This caused whole industry conversely again without foreword, the occupation standard with accepted lack, price is malign competition, quality is uneven. Because of this one latent capacity huge trade fails to form his industrial dimensions, it is the thing that an equipment making a person feels regretful really. Fortunately of Internet appeared to offer a brand-new train of thought for people, make Internet and the allied can that translate an industry weigh heaven-made union.
Current, interpreter industry still does not have materiality to become forestall in the whole world, and also have not appear in China right famous brand, but, this cannot not undertake on behalf of this industry dimensions is changed, the brand is changed run, just go the condition is immature still. What Lin Yang of CEO of firm of strange translation of bright rich manage says no less than: "Because had Internet, now is moment. Now is moment.. Http://www.yesky.com/418/166418.shtml

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