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High starting point achieves meeting high quality the service sees effect at the
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Association is translated the 5th times in China the speech on countrywide secretary-general conference
Shenzhen city translates association secretary-general Qiu Yongle

Each interpret assist each leader, colleague:

Shenzhen city translates association to held water on May 23, 2005, up to now just a year, existing party member 37, individual member is close 300 people. With join the photograph of each brother association of the meeting to compare, I can be a new association, it is an association that starting. But establish the need that complied with Shenzhen city society and economic progress as a result of what I meet, accord with Shenzhen city to accelerate internationalization process and the need that the city builds new fixed position, answered culture of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, municipal government to establish city, effort to build the appeal of the language environment that internationalization city place wants, so, each job that I meet got city leadership and government the support of departmental door, in the meantime, also got Chinese interpret assist affirm what translate a bound with Shenzhen to approbate, good reputation was gained in the our city. The working experience that can come to me one year now and everybody undertake communicating.

One, high starting point establishs expert association
I can be to be in Shenzhen city to be advocated actively of the leader below, by do outside Shenzhen take the lead, institute of technology of profession of group of trade of cable of associated Shenzhen university, Shenzhen, Shenzhen is initiated jointly establish. Association from prepare hold water all by skill does to hold outside city do, support energetically in what outside town getting on manpower and material resources, do.

Act on high starting point to establish the target of expert association, cheng of my the constitution of an association is to consult Chinese interpret assist the constitution with other brother association, join our city real case, the director unit that calls together concerned protocol early or late and expert stalk of grain easily 5 times and decide; The unit such as orgnaization of department of orgnaization of the government sector that the unit covered the director of a few protocol to have high end to translate worker and foreign language worker, learning, propaganda, education and interpreter enterprise; Association basically is led is the expert that is engaged in interpreter or respect of job of foreign language teaching; In addition, we still invite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the reputation chairman that Guo Jiading of expert of senior foreign language, Li Fenglin's ambassador meets for me, shi Yanhua and Fu Ying's ambassador are the senior adviser that I meet, invite Guo Jiading's ambassador and famous English expert Professor Zhang Daozhen to hold the position of me to meet committee member of chairman of committee of experts, embodied the technicality of association and authority adequately, have extensive representative.
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