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Translating the home is half prophet
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Many friends mention current interpreter bound when a few phenomena that are inferior to person meaning, can shake his head sigh, and can't help want recall erst grand occasion and a variety of brightness outstanding achievement. Good achievement nature should be affirmative, outstanding tradition also is to should get acceding with what carry on. But, might as well stand some higher, change an angle look upon the interpret group state now.

We can think, before reforming and opening, a certain number of year come, literary history of publication foreign country kind the channel that interpret writes goes narrower more (only a few few presses have authority to give a book) , selection of subject is more and more simplification (often spend a few years of kongfu to establish a program, and inclusive sort has very big limitation however) , at that time, the young person that annals is translated at literary history wants to enter interpret group, also want difficulty than now much.

With compare in those days, present situation wants undoubtedly comfortable, much more agile. Do not say a large number of addition on breed, impression first, be regarded as even many pasts “ the thoughts of heretical ” , “ is additional kind of schools of literature of ” , also Dou Nengtang and the ground of emperor is introduced, and still appeared to close relatively standard, rigorous say to go up even wonderful translation. To the achievement of these hard-earned, we should be cherished doubly however, and try hard consolidate with what carry on.

One of problems that everybody often mentions are foreign literature classic work repeats an interpreter overmuch, return what include brazenly or concealment quite to borrowed among them with piracy. To this phenomenon, my individual falls and do not pass at feeling anxious. I think to still can see another one side from inside this one phenomenon. Can think, in this one another answer interpret tide, still appeared after all interpret of a few beautiful, they are being tightened buckle do one's best of textual, translation accurate and rigorous and of place diction character replace the field with modernization, in the side that shows individualizing interpret way, on the research depth that shows pair of original work, can advance somewhat. To answer interpret this one practice, original unfavorable entirely is negative.

Namely the elegant translation with Mr Fu Lei, in him before, already Ba Er plunges into gram work a variety of in translation has appeared. Two kinds when have gentleman of solemn wood day and Mr Gao Mingkai with respect to what what I write down. By this token, teach thunder translation also is a kind answer translation. All planting after translation coexisted for some time, the natural selection law that superior bad defeats with most the most Demosthenic means, it is what blame to what, what actors or actress the problem of what bad made a reply. It is a basis with this one example, I believe a certain number of after year, the translation of dross type can float to come loose or sink surely, it is better to leave the next to have characteristic minority each the situation that translation Zhu Feng coexists, this still perhaps can be a on world interpret altar good prospect.
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