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Quality: This locality turns the bottom line that the industry survives and expa
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The interpreter comes up from essence saying is a kind of service, the service has 3 quality essential factor: Quality, time, price. About this 3, the west agrees with you extensively can 3 person take secondly, cannot have entirely:

1. The price of top quality, lowest. Offer when Vendor is available, at a loose end also is at a loose end. But time scarcely is the fastest.

2. The top quality, rapiddest rate. Can accomplish, with best interpreter, work overtime. But price scarcely is cheap.

3. The price of the rapiddest rate, lowest. Can accomplish, seek yield the interpreter with the biggest, the rapiddest rate went. But quality has a problem certainly

This 3 element should be had at the same time really impossible, you do not provide exception, what I say is all the year round and dimensions production, fast, good, cheap, where searchs!

Because IT industry competition is intense, the rate that the product changes is very rapid, software more requirement synchronism appears on the market. Company of a lot of software has very high demand on service speed. And the characteristic of software industry decided project cycle cannot be adjusted, because if arrive,moment interpreter does not reach the designated position, compile cannot begin, compile did not come out to cannot check, cannot check to cannot release … to pull start the whole body. Because this speed is,cannot discuss.

Because competition is intense,still be, IT giant cuts cost considerably in succession, because this value is fair,go up not to go. This locality of company of a lot of IT changes budgetary year after year to reduce, but task quantity increases in year after year however. Because this price also is,did not discuss.

Above has good index twice this, do not have good target with respect to quality, accordingly, can sacrifice have quality only. Then, even if there also is quality standard inside course of study, the client also claims quality is crucial, but this locality changes quality however go from bad to worse.

At present trend of this kind of development is dangerous. Why do a lot of companies consider traditional interpreter industry is transition this locality changed? Because the tradition translates an industry to be in,keep having price great war namely, each company is whacked. If hold the post of this kind of circumstance to continue to develop, this locality changes an industry to be immersed in vicious circle euqally with respect to meeting and traditional interpreter industry, the company that can provide good quality because client not know all about the goods is forced to depreciate.

Depreciate mean: Profit decreases, employee pay is reduced, the price year after year that translates to freedom drops.

Bring about directly: The company was not accumulated cannot development, first-class staff changes his profession in succession, free interpreter must be passed raise speed to assure income.
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