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Inferior interpreter brings about misapprehensive China
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Beautiful media carries civil think over, the United States goes back on his word to be opposite in order to make China decision-making information information often mistake 100. Because “ language skill is mixed of pair of region general affairs perfectness have not get enough take ” seriously, american information personnel often commits interpreter mistake, change information. Additional, they often choose information subjectively, tab the card of report, forum information that does not provide authority regards information as origin. Result, erroneous information accumulate over a long period, bad old practices die hard, aggravate Sino-US and mutual suspicious.
Clinton's president was visited 1998 China the climax is address in Beijing University. The simultaneous interpretation that place of oratorical spot direct seeding uses offers —— by him United States this is American president publish an address to Chinese people directly first. The American news analyst that watchs a speech through TV thinks this is a spectacular success. But be in China, clinton's speech ends, the compere of the CCTV expresses regret to the audience, because of the Chinese nondescript ” that American “ translates. Although deliver a speech,the interpreter of the word reachs the designated position on the meaning, but it is clumsy to state, cause misunderstanding easily, can weighs unsuccessful interpreter.
After nearly 10 years, although the United States and China still are seeking each other to understand hard, but the mutual suspicion between two countries and misunderstanding still see all official documents and policy state again and again. The Pentagon 2006 " 4 years matters pertaining to defense evaluates a report " put forward to warn, say China has the tremendous latent capacity that undertakes with the United States the military affairs competes, enough of technology of its military affairs is quits advantage of American conventional war.
This report is American government only in a chain of report that the economy that rises increasingly to China and technical actual strength express concern newest. However, this kind of report often mistake 100, the dependability that makes submit congress and the information that transmit American public is hit interrogation. The data that the analytic personnel place that compose reports this collects results from the document that translates how terrible and fluky Chinese media coverage. They often fail to will come from more reliable public China information to bring into a consideration. What this kind of choice to the data often biaseds n maintained popularity is right China view.
The proposal that how these reports and American army answer them to so called China browbeats and put forward, the analyst that became China people reader. The analyst of those China that had read a report subsequently the report of compose themselves, publish on the journal, these articles become the reading matter of American analyst again. The “ benefit that goes up like deposit account rolls benefit ” , the result accumulate over a long period that erroneous information creates, bring about small issue to become big misunderstanding quickly, final bad old practices die hard. Its are as a result, between two countries suspicious beneficial deepens day, both sides builds the collaboration of the safe problem of composition branch to lose real interest to solving
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