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Cai Wu: Eliminate earnestly of Chinese culture deficit to need to raise interpre
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Cai Wu of director of office of news of the State Council expresses 6 days in Beijing, in recent years China changes communication and transmission to foreign language ” of serious “ unfavorable balance of trade, ” of “ culture deficit is tremendous, and interpreter job already made a change this one phenomenon, advance Chinese culture the important segment that more large-scale “ takes ” .

Make on the forum of road ” high level that Cai Wu is world of trend of China of the —— outside the interpret in the “ that is holding here afore-mentioned denotive. He says, regard communication China and foreign countries as the bridge of communication and agency, translate the effect that the job decides to China travels external directly, also be a country what communicate level and humanitarian construction environment external is specific reflect.

Cai Wu expresses, the historical culture of long 5000 bright belongs to China not only China, also belong to the world, chinese manage answers structure of culture of new century world form the contribution that makes oneself. However, at present of Chinese culture external transmission and its are right the oneself connotation of the consequence of the world and Chinese culture and ply photograph are very further than going.

Statistical number shows, come to China for years books foreign trade is about 10: The adverse balance of trade of 1. 2005, chinese books, newspaper and periodical export 32.87 million dollar, import one hundred and sixty-four million one hundred and eighty thousand dollar, the entrance is nearly 5 times of exit, among them electronic publication exports 2.11 million dollar, import 19.33 million dollar, the entrance is exit 9 times much. The other culture product such as movie and TV also is the entrance is exported more than.

Cai Wu expresses, more complete, system, accurate, thorough ground shows China to the world, realize Chinese culture and world culture truly collect already became the social responsibility that translates worker place agree to carry and historical mission with confluence.

Chinese books popularizes a plan to led office director Wu Wei to express similar point of view external. “ our soft actual strength, the product of the core viewpoint of value of China of such as expression, long history, bright culture, external communication and influence are very finite, the distance that this makes the national figure presence that we approbate from thought national figure and international larger. ”

This official that is engaged in for a long time publishing management to work external thinks, translation problem already became China to publish and even the bottleneck that Chinese culture walks along, but it is to need however the path of classics. She appeals interpreter bound recommends more and outstanding interpreter ceaselessly, make normative interpreter vocabulary, establish connection with foreign Sinology home, take ” dredge channel for Chinese culture “ , build platform.
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