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Characteristic of English news caption and interpreter study
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News is general by caption, guide language, main body, setting and ending are comprised. News can not guide language and setting, but cannot do not have caption. It is euqally important to the person that caption resembles an eye to news, the concentration that it is news content and wraparound, it condensed press with contracted character in most the elite, content that deserves attention most. People says: “ inscribes ” of article of good in part, this was emphasizing the importance of news caption, as working, english has adage cloud: “A Good Beginning Ishalf The Battle. A good news caption can give ” press perfect, rise to make the finishing point draw the action that gets numerous attention.
A few newspaper take the west seriously earlier the use of news caption. American newspaper uses much travel title already generally in meantime of war of north and south, some newspaper are amounted to seventeen by the caption of thorn message about Lincoln. British newspaper studies the editor method of American newspaper, also had used much travel title when reporting general law war, some newspaper about the law army the reportorial caption of be defeated has 10 to go. In international report, english news held quite large proportion, and caption is inspected again the fine of English press full text is wraparound. To draw the reader's attention, editors often use all sorts of technique in order to promote news the appeal of caption. And the translation that this also gives English news title at the same time brought many challenges, the characteristic that news translates worker to need pair of English news caption has depth second hold, with all sorts of interpreters with fortune skill is mixed the form of caption of news of academic will former English, god, charm, with Chinese ground of former juice raw ingredient appears in Chinese reader before.
English news caption is in wording, syntactic, rhetorical the characteristic that waits for a respect is brighter and outstanding.
1 wording
In English, news caption calls "headlines" , be on content of press principal part over, in newspapers and periodicals, its layout space is quite precious, ought to contain the biggest information content with the least space as far as possible, this raised very tall requirement to the wording of English news caption.
Above all, in English news caption use noun and brief minor term extensively (Midget Words) . To save writing and space, the function word in caption (it is to include to fasten verbal Be) by leave out, those who remain basically is substantival, especially noun. And the noun has very strong token function, information content is big, have extensive syntactic compatibility again at the same time (Grammaticality) , it can act as a variety of parts of words, the part that waits like adjective, verb, adverb, also can convey idea of whole sentence structure with the form of contracted palpability and structure, for example: TShadow of He Columbine Tapes leads Jing the lofty spirit of a nation
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