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[turn] how to raise interpreter level in the round----Liang Mingming
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Next officials are engaged in translating the job old, hope to have opportunity and elder sister of division of senior fellow apprentice very much people undertake compare notes, it is informal to want to take the opportunity random Kan two, appetent get acquainted with each ace.

The person that learns English at present is much, the person that is engaged in an interpreter of purpose is much, there is what do not know a foreign language rarely now, but great majority is half bottle vinegar, true ace is little, can serve to negotiate formally, what can be engaged in professional character translating is little. Is this why? I feel main is 2 problems, it is the person with English nice foundation did not carry out experience; This kind of person is a teacher more, act blindly in universities and colleges, 2 it is to the English foundation that carries out experience closes nevertheless; They are entered socially mostly swing, the theory that lacks systematization trains. Integration of theory with practice, be short of one cannot. Fundamental theory resembles covering a region, and practice experience is just like exercise to benefit the internal organs, true ace should have these two kinds of things, just can gallop by right of excellent time all corners of the country. English foundation is good but entering practice activity is no good; Conversely the ginseng with bad foundation increases again much practice activity also is no good. Foundation and practice supplement each other.

Want to become good translation above all, must grab from fundamental study, fundamental importance is well-known, it affects us directly the English level henceforth. And not certain now everybody can master accurate fundamental study method, even some of person can take an error.

The time that learns English I feel with first at the beginning had better, this age clever, memory the understanding with have good, proper, imitate force to still be in, and what learn English prematurely to lean purely is to imitate force and mechanical memorizing, see English grammar and regulation without legal principle. Go learning according to the way that learns parent language, learned or want from learn, should know we are to learning a foreign language! Our located environment does not allow us to learn according to the way that learns parent language, my individual thinks, right bilingual talented person is nonexistent, always having is mother tongue. England sends the child when some people elementary school, the result is to be in England when English is good, be in China when Chinese is good, neither one is truly good. In addition you consider to teach cost even, can so large investment close? Particularly right the child of our poor. Nevertheless you are willing to spend these money in Chinese word, can learn very well like. Unless you are brownstone like India same, they send England the child as a child, let English become their linguistic parent painstakingly, and these children are essential won't Indian language, sacrificial mother tongue changes this, and the English pronunciation that most Indian includes personnel of businessman, technology is very bad, can mix far from brownstone fluent Briticism photograph is compared.
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