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[turn] how to raise interpreter level in the round----Liang Mingming
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In addition I discover present study data is multifarious, actually I feel or want to use the traditional teaching material of our mainland, of abroad, Hong Kong and Taiwan, of spoken language, of writing can make reference only, if can be over to whole geoscience is over and master a normal teaching material, the base is firm, it is OK to develop to any directions. This is the main problem that I should talk about, I contacted a few old high school students, the study method that discovers them has a problem very much, encounter a few grammar, pronunciation regulation is met only mechanical memorizing, do not be good at disentombing its rule, do not know quick way, of course this and teacher have immediate concern. Lift a simple case to be read repeatedly turn an issue with consonantal chaotic, actually this is for him conversation convenient ability some is regular. Again for instance, of English a few decorate strong language be being put at the back is actually very human nature changes, say “ special ” at the back when you say “ thanks ” very much, this very human nature is changed, you can be added also need not say very much special, adjunct is put at the back to make state can enter can retreat, can weigh but light, flexible for emergency use, with respect to the “ in seem Cantonese hm should bask in ”“ to drink tea first ” . The use of the active voice in English and passive voice also is same argument. Grammar is the service that it is a person, grammar is a good thing, wanted to grasp the pattern only, understood syntactic reason, study is OK opportunistic, want to go shortcut, little to take roundabout way more. Say grammar is important, it is to point to basic grammar, do not become circumference without custom, say not to pay attention to grammar too, it is to point to dally with grammar not overly, the usage of captious preposition adverb, call to be able to say Call Someone On … only to someone for example (telephone number) , take some airliner to be able to use On FLT No… only. . Still have the problem of a spoken language and written language additionally, a lot of friends always say his spoken language is bad, ask how I raise colloquial level. My answer is very simple, should make clear Hunan is spoken language above all bad or the base is fundamental bad. Be known according to me, most person is a foundation essential bad, understand not look not to understand likewise; Inarticulate is not written likewise piece. Because be like,this is be said above me, we are to learning a foreign language, not be to learn parent language, so I think to want to raise spoken language, still cannot leave a base, cannot learn spoken language alone. Mother tongue is possible oral good, write however bad. The written language of the foreign language and spoken language should be advance side by side- do two or more things at once, should not divide rift to come, the person with nice spoken language, written sign is good; And the person spoken language with written good sign is not certain however good. Written language learned from good examples, the foundation has been hit, result become to nature. A few old pals are put in this problem however, they can be read can write, just react slow, expressive ability is poor, because they did not exercise colloquial opportunity all the time. Dummy English needs reform admittedly, but before I feel to become a few youths should be in pay attention to spoken language while, practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, do not stay on leg of beautiful fist embroider. Although of spoken language raising average person also is very finite, the colloquial level that can enter simple negotiation for example is achieved very easily, but can be competent truly large and formal meeting joins the oral interpretation staff that pass and summons together very few can count. I think to learn English should each respect omnibus advance side by side- do two or more things at once, cannot learn some appearance skill alone, this is one of distinction that learn foreign language and parent language, some interpreters think spoken language is good oneself can make money more and not be willing do written translation to work, had wanted to be able to help you learn new thing without written translation, abound knowledge. Written translation is done quickly make money euqally much. Want to notice additionally, the youth's advantage is memory good, the pal with old age has the dominant position with strong comprehension however, the schoolgirl's memory is more ambitious than our schoolboy, schoolboy more advantages that are play understanding.
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