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The expert is painful old interpreter bound a variety of abuses
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English translates Japanese interpreter

road transportation ‘ exit ’ is translated into ‘export’ , ‘ ophthalmology hospital ’ is translated into ‘eyehospital’ , ‘ one-time things ’ is translated into ‘atimesexthing’ , the mistake that these your people are between tears and smiles is mixed in restaurant of public, hotel the line of vision that travel tourist attraction enters us often. ” translates industrial forum to go up in the 2006 China International that concluded yesterday, xi Liang of Liu of chairman of Chinese interpreter association is painful the problem that says home translates a bound to exist. For this, the forum yesterday was born Shanghai of Chinese interpreter industry is enunciative.

Current, domestic interpreter from level of staff of course of study uneven, responsibility heart also has lose by force different, appear thereby mistranslate, random interpret, excessive interpret, borrowed and the undesirable wind such as piracy, cause those who translate quality to drop. Teaching material of the work of of all kinds interpreter with manufacture in a rough way, inferior quality, interpreter is in culture market is vast to circulate.

" Shanghai daily " Zhang Ci of vice-chairman of association of home of interpreter of editor in chief, Shanghai expresses on the meeting, compatriots puts generally in such thinking error: Want to had learned a foreign language only, want to had lived in abroad only, can be competent the interpreter works. Actually the interpreter is a science, it is an art, also be one must pass the major that grooms strictly. Feng Guofu of president of company of Taiwan every phenomenon goes out in report middle finger: What outback interpreter personnel is badly in need of strengthening is mother tongue level, is English level not just.

Of outback interpreter quality brought serious consequence extremely, the 500 strong businesses of world that enter home market should be the big client of domestic interpreter market originally, but they already lost pair of inland to translate the accredit from personnel of course of study gradually. Because mistake, jest is ceaseless, as a result these enterprises aux would rather many high price of 45 times, the data that translates need gives area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, even transducer compose of abroad.

To solve these problems, china still was born to translate industrial Shanghai on the forum yesterday enunciative, in announce call the turn, representing think consistently, promotion translates core competition ability of the industry, realize those who translate an industry to be able to develop continuously, it is the historical mission that translates industrial worker; Strengthen industry self-discipline and management, scrupulously abide by professional morality, bring up high quality to translate professional team, it is the only way that realizes interpreter estate development.
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