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By the name of film of English of the six ministries in feudal China of wrong in
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One, normally interpret is Roman Holiday " Roman holiday "

The impression that creates to the person is the brigade of romantic Italy. But the Roman Holiday in English gives allusion to be performed at the horny fighter of Roman Caesarean times, occupy American Heritage Dictionary consequently, its meaning is actually:

1. Enjoyment Or Satisfaction Derived From Observing The Suffering Of Others.

2. A Violent Public Spectacle Or Disturbance In Which Shame, degradation, or Physical Harm Is Intentionally Inflicted On One Person Or Group By Another.

The person that has seen movie should is opposite oneself this meaning understands somewhat.

2, Hobson's Choice is become by interpret " Huobuxun's choice "

The leading role in the film is called Hoboson, apparently look to also do not have a problem. But probably the clue is, this Mr Hobson is a shoemaker boss, do not be willing to marry big daughter to the counterjumper in inn, the result suffers 3 daughters' affined opposition, then yielding they.

In English Hobson's Choice also is an idiom, occupy American Heritage Dictionary likewise, its means: An Apparently Free Choice That Offers No Real Alternative.

Giving standard work of scholarship is about such: After Thomas Hobson (1544? - 1630) , english Keeper Of A Livery Stable, from His Requirement That Customers Take Either The Horse Nearest The Stable Door Or None. The film uses this name opportunely (it would be better says to name leading role for Hobson) , to cover this literary quotation. And translated term put upside down fitly meaning.

3, White Nights interpret was become " white night "

Adapt Yutuosi appropriate Ye husband this base homonymic novel, take literal meaning, no matter novel or film Dou Yicheng " white night " . But want to know, this phrase, according to its French etymology, means: A Night Without Sleep. The interpreter comes over to should be " not the night of Mian " . Hero of the men and women in the film always falls in love in the late evening, last evening is a snow night, original name fact has such English homonymous meaning. Because main setting is not,can happen in snow night, interpret makes white night appear too far-fetched.

4, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

Allegedly Hong Kong has newspaper interpret to be " who is afraid of chastity the woman of excessive " , some signs up for Taiwan an interpret make " the wolf that who is afraid of Virginia city " !

If if not be to be in,be being stirred, this is simply cicada is not had in ostentation. Virginia Woolf is the stream-of-consciousness fictionist with famous England, the suicide dies later. And apply mechanically of this film criterion a Tong Yao, the name is "Who's Afraid Of The Big, bad Wolf? "The newspaper imagination of Hong Kong and Taiwan too too rich!
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