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Work force of the interpreter
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The interpreter's kongfu is ground long, more and more of disclosure interpret thing difficult, among them hardships and difficulties, it is it is a long story really.

Too much person has said translator resembles performing the home, origianl work is just like music score, the myriad note on music score, must pass the deduction of performance home, square can with beautiful and euphonic Le Sheng, pass in listener ear.

Music score performs a metropolis every to look, but spiccato the style that come out with respect to because of the person different. A same composition, fu Cong plays the flavour that come out, what follow Liu Shikun is none identical. Translate the accomplishment of literature of domestic antonym character, be equal to the fundamental spiccato skill of pianist; But the control that translates a style, comprehend with expression, it is however a kind hard the work force of character shape, the feeling of a kind of understand tacitly, as it happens comprehends power with the music of performance home very similar.

A lot of people think learn two kinds of Chinese, can be engaged in an interpreter, the skill essence of life that translates actually is very wonderful, theoretic and academic and do not add an exercitation, won't understand the hardships of interpret thing at all.

What begin to learn translates is junior the senior interpreter home that often reachs with experience, the difference with the biggest meantime depends on both the ability of textual to casting off handicap, have the branch that loses by force. Use the case with a distinctive image: Someone says the interpreter's process, dance like the shackles on the belt, when the analogy is translated, translator feels foot of ligature hand ligature, suffer textual and diversionary pain greatly. Nevertheless, veteran flounces off the time of shackles, a lot of faster than the novice however, defend · Gao Baifei greatly like magic Great Master general, tie string heavily, not disappear 29 minutes, went out with respect to extricate oneself. This is work force location.

What translate to begin to learn constantly is young justice say, the interpreter's kongfu, in one day can be not fostered, in full length in the do exercises in composition that break up, the student has clever interpret to still surpass a teacher occasionally, this circumstance absolutely not exceptionally, because interpreter process is medium, to one word one demit even textual, abecedarian often is met blessing comes the heart, think out beautiful interpret, however, the clump Conglu in arid desert is careless, be filled with wild green jade compared with scallion mattress, verdant of my day thick shade, can you be the same as day how again and language?

because such, interpret group is junior and leading in the work of generation Great Master, pick bone desperately, find fault, now and then discover a bit flaw with respect to this kind of be pleased with oneself, practice, can need not! Look for the of 1% fault in classical name interpret hard, still be inferior to modest go learning that of 99% be opposite!
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