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Yi Dan of Teng of teacher lecturer of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign languag
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Fundamental condition
Sexual distinction: Female place is: German fastens degree: Master
Title: Instructor post:

Offer course
Fundamental German 1, fundamental German 2, fundamental German 3, fundamental German 4
German seeing and hearing says 1, german seeing and hearing says 2
German pedagogy

Scientific research project

Paper work
1. “ moon is off-street”
Interpret is made
The short story chooses Ci Wei case
Hunan is literary press, 1996, 9 P: 283-301
ISBN 7–5404–1494–4/I•1186
2. “ is change person, still change world —— Bulaixite and his " Sichuan good person "”
Changsha electric power learns courtyard journal, 1998. 7. P: 154-158
ISSN 1006 - 7140
CN 43–1249/N
3. “ seeks breakthrough —— to also talk about the Chinese school that compares literature from inside the dialog”
" education of • of language • culture " paper market P: 347-353
Zhongshan university press, 1999. 8.
ISBN 7–306–01572–9
4.—— of “ Mai Zhelun its person and ” of its outstanding achievement among them two chapters, search infructuously, revolting
Interpret is made
" collected works of Ci power case " the 5th
Shaanxi people press, 1998, 10 P: 268-305
ISBN 7–224–04726–0/I•1012
5. Education of German of to be in the first year of “ intercourse pedagogy applies mediumly”
" Qingdao of major of German of whole nation of —— of market of paper of Chinese German education and part of report of Wuhan conference paper "
P: 186-193
Major of foreign language of colleges and universities coachs committee German group is made up, foreign language education and research press 2000.7.
ISBN 7–5600–1699–5/H•978
6. Wrong contrail
Interpret is made (novel)
Author: (Sweden) henry peaceful • Mankaier
Zhuhai press, 2004, 1
ISBN 7-80689-171-4/I•471
7. Literaturstraße
Chinesisches Jahrbuch Für Sprache, literatur Und Kultur
Band 5•2004 (the 5th 2004)
Culture of literature of Lu Zhongde language studies
Die Selbstentwicklung Der Frauen Und Das Problem Weiblichen Selbstbewusstseins Am Beispiel Von Elfriede Jelineks Roman Die Klavierspielerin 215-226
Verlag Königshausen&Neumann GmbH, würzburg 2004
ISBN 3-8260-3038-9
8. Case plays gentle part " with Utopian race "
Interpret makes P:17-59, 61-68
Shanghai translation press May 2005
ISBN 7-5327-3566-4/I•2045
9. Dictionary of aid trade of Han Dejing of heart Chinese •
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