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Bin of king of teacher lecturer of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language C
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Wang Bin China, male, jiangxi 9 rivers person
University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is advanced interpreter institute instructor (English of hold “ Shanghai is advanced ” of oral interpretation certificate)
The interpreter learns to reading a doctoral student
Master of Arts of language of English of institute of foreign language of Nanjing Normal University
Email: Friendever2002@sina.com
Study way:
Oral interpretation theory and practice; English education
Working experience:
English already taught up to now after 20 years old of universities graduate oneself kind course 10 one's remaining years, be engaged in what oral interpretation education and certificate of oral interpretation qualification take an exam for a long time grooming, has taught course includes: Oral interpretation theory and practice, advanced oral interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, successive pass seeing and hearing of oral interpretation of English of interpreter of English of oral interpretation of interpret, special subject, business affairs, business affairs, English to say to wait.
Be engaged in oral interpretation theory considering at the same time, publication book " oral interpretation: • of academic • skill is carried out " (Wuhan university press, 2006) .
The buccal written translation that long-term part-time job is engaged in orgnaization of much home of and other places of Nanjing, Guangzhou works, what held the position of much field conference up to now 2000 is successive pass interpret and simultaneous interpretation, be like:
2006 Guangdong save senior official Oxford oral interpretation of lecture of series of communal administration seminar;
2006“ bead simultaneous interpretation of ” of forum of international of innovation of progress of trigonometry town economy;
2006“ international miniascape admires oral interpretation of lecture of stone exposition ” ;
Old school of “ China and foreign countries grew forum ” simultaneous interpretation 2005;
” of massacre of Nanjing of American Richter International Fellowship“ studied the expert of the group interviews the oral interpretation with academic conference to wait independently 2002.
Achievement of main scientific research:
" oral interpretation: • of academic • skill is carried out " , wuhan university press, in September 2006
" the United States presidential general election argued 2004 memoir " (oral interpretation teachs complementary) , sound of Guangzhou foreign language resembles a publishing house, in October 2004
Evaluate mode pre-test objectively of oral interpretation to dragoman ability —— from oral interpretation ability, 2007 the 2nd period
Be used to of the 2nd culture gets “ ” theory and the view of foreign language education that cross culture, education of Shandong foreign language, 2006 the 6th period
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