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Lin Yutang learns English gist
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Mr Lin Yutang (1895-1976) , with contemporary writer, interpreter the home and English are connected famous, he publishs Chinese volume in all all one's life 3 kinds, english composing 36 kinds. He sets out actually from what the Chinese learns English, put forward a series of English teaching method and English study method, still be worth us to draw lessons from up to now.
Learn English gist:

One, the beard when learning English learns complete sentence, do not read aloud individual character only. Class hour is needed complete a syntactic, speech and accent are whole numerate come.

2, class hour cannot is with literacy sufficient. Of knowledge hold concurrently necessarily use. Every receives new word, learn so that one of this words plant at least surely proper use. See later have a variety of use, remember more.

3, literacy cannot be written down by force. Get its sentence useful law, nature remembers easily.

4, information mouth hand is needed when reading English and arrive. Hear of, see for oneself, mouth is told, the hand is copied, be short of one cannot. 4 person fully, nature of words and expressions remembers.

5, “ 4 arrive with the mouth in ” for main. English is British word, if do not agree to start to talk, how to learn so that talk?

6, the mouth is told must overlap exercise, every reviews one word must review Song comes ten times one sentence repeatedly tens of second, till practised of oral speech soundvoice. Learn foreign language and learn ancient prose to manage together together, must be introductory shortcut in order to recite. Every seek just a little sentence of recital. With the passing of time has surely enter greatly.

7, the mouth tells an exercise to have 2 fear. (One) avoid is bashful. The learned man is shy on classroom, criterion he is in more without exercise opportunity. (2) avoid misses a mark. Think of a mark, be afraid of missay, be afraid of missay, start to talk to be not gotten. Eventual winner, the not bashful still, student that does not fear wrong, sufficient practice. If get a teacher at any time point out mistakes so that they can be corrected, natural but by much fault little fault, sterling by little fault, by sterling and fluent, even by fluent and perfectness. This is the law of the pleasant after be being sufferred from first.

8, read a section to want essence of life. Pronunciation spells, all need an attention. Careless, muddleheaded finish sth, not only English learns bad, any knowledge also learn bad.

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