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Learn small doohickey of English
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Learn English simple? Affirmative meeting has a lot of students to say: “ died hard ” . Why a lot of student feels a head to ache to English study? The answer has only: “ is not gotten law. ”English and Chinese are a kind of language euqally, why do you say Chinese will be so fluent? Because,that is your place oneself in environment of a Chinese, if you are in London to stay half an year, protect speak of English to meet definitely very fluent. But a lot of high school students do not have very good English environment, so you yourself can set an English environment, hold to “ to say ” , “ to listen to ” , “ to read ” , “ to write ” more more more more, so your English achievement affirmation will be very outstanding.
One, much “ says ” .
Oneself create opportunity and English teacher to tell English more more, saw a classmate, when be together with the good friend especially, be sent his respects to as far as possible with English, talk about mood …… at that time you need to carry minor term of interpret of an English-Chinese each other to be in charge of, these new words are looked up when encountering a new word, also need not be written down painstakingly, those who use is much, this word can remember naturally. Must not learn English to regard as burden, regard it as from beginning to end an interesting thing goes doing.
Probably you have an opportunity to touch on foreigner, you should go up boldly to greet sb with him, talk about weather with him, talk about the scenery, age that talks about school …… to just do not ask about him, the personal question such as marriage history. Use a few vocabularies that you had learned as far as possible, the sentence goes talking of everything with him. Before long you meet discovery and foreigner chat many it is easy to should compare you and language of Chinese Tan Ying. Because he uses a lot of simple vocabularies with the meeting when you chat, and value a view not quite, you should articulate only accurate, allow smoothly communication to go down. It is you must want have hope only, dare to convey oneself idea.
If do not have appropriate associate to also have nothing to do with, you can have taken a book or other what thing becomes fictitious target, talk about your knowledge of a day to it, talk about your joy, your sadness is waited a moment, the spoken language that grows this to hold on to you can have for certain bigger rise.
2, much “ listens”
Search everything to be able to listen to English opportunity. When others chats with English, you are participated in boldly, listen to the pronunciation of various person more, men and women, rhythm is fast slow you should bring into contact with, if such chance is little, you can choose you not to know the article of content to listen, this will be helped to you very big, and the tape that you go to listening to has learned text, the study that that will move to your language utterance has very great help.
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