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Memorial word 5 laws
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Learn English most the problem that often encounters, it is lexical inadequacy. The person with insufficient vocabulary listens in English, say, read, the capability that keeps each field can be restricted badly. So of the vocabulary more or less to have important place in English study.
Thinking to carry a word on the back commonly is take pain to already, often effect not clear drudgery. Actually, if can use proper method, it is to be able to shorten the time that enlarges vocabulary place to need, of the quality that and rise remembers a word. the introduction 5 kinds of words recall a way below.

One, union recalls a way.
Will more not close, not commonly used word is put into sentence of certain language environment —— , combine a meaning to remember a word. When encountering this word, if acceptation forgets, the meaning that can be in a sentence through memory will remember a word. For example: SlopeN. ① tilts; Gradient; Rake
There Is Always A Certain Slope In A Ship's Deck.
The board total part of the boat tilts.
② cant; Brae
We Climbed The Steep Slope Of The Hill.
We climbed that abrupt bend slope. Vi. Tilt.
The Railroad Slopes Up Slightsly At This Point.
Railroad herein has tilt slightly.
CriticalAdj. ① is criticized (quality) , captious
I Don't Like People Who Are Too Critical About Everything.
I do not like to be opposite every thing too the person of the defect that blow wool.
② is critical, crucial; Critical
His Condition Is Reported As Being Very Critical.
According to reporting his condition is very critical.

Will master a vocabulary through this law, conduce to the spelling that remembers word itself already, go all out read, can be familiar with the acceptation of the word, syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech, usage and collocation at the same time again, write down word effect to be close friends than isolated back.

2, congener memory law.
Will congener vocabulary is collected together, at the same time the back is written down. Attention, congener vocabulary and synonym are different: Synonym is to show the meaning is identical, and congener word is to show major attribute is identical, specific the administrative levels of the meaning, a kind of vocabulary with level or distinct range.

If Headmaster and Principal are synonym, express, ” of president of “ middle and primary school; President and Chancellor are synonym, express ” of academical President “ . These two groups of words are congener vocabulary, express President “ ” , but specific level is different, so two groups of words are not synonym.

Be like Bachelor again (bachelor) , Master (Master) , dr. Doctor () the case that 3 words represent to degree awards, “ but specific level is different, so these 3 words also are a group of congener vocabularies.
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