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Handgrip hand teachs you to learn spoken language
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Want to learn spoken English, want to make great efforts on speech above all.

Next, should have be read in great quantities and audition becomes a basis. In the process that read and listens, accumulated a vocabulary, grasped sentence pattern, was familiar with the means that conveys an idea with English, the most important is to develop language sense.

In the meantime, learn spoken English to also need to use a variety of method: If recite English dialog and article aloud, recite the most commonly used sentence in the illustrative sentence of all sorts of sentence pattern and spoken language, recite article and speech, the person experienced spoken language of English attending the meeting, of course, had better drill with the person that is mother tongue with English spoken language. In fact, the solilo-quize also is one of effective methods that practice spoken language. If you give transcribe to come down the English that your says, listen to oneself recording, if have a problem, try to correct again, it is better that the effect is met.

Say English has courage even. If you are saying not quite exit, or it is to say bad situation falls, say boldly. After saying period of time, you will be clear and freely, one day suddenly upper the thought that amounts to oneself. Had bold saying drive, you just can have entered colloquial difficulty.

Can learn English only, and cannot be used as soon as possible, that also learns bad English forever. In the process that learns English, want to search an opportunity to say English from beginning to end. E.g. , there are a few to like English-speaking friend all round you, everybody is about to chat with English together. This kind chats the English study that is helpful for everybody, because everybody has an opportunity to apply the English knowledge that he already mastered to communicate an idea, consolidated the knowledge that already learned, change knowledge into skill, in the meantime, still can from others there acquire new thing. Want to learn spoken English to be about to say more.

The person that can be mother tongue with English together says English is optimal method. But English learns to lack an environment in home, see a movie learning spoken English is the good method that makes up for environmental inadequacy. All encyclopedia such as the life that English film is an English country, culture, custom, it is the most complete spoken English encyclopedia. Abundantly sees English movie is you capture English “ listens thoroughly a magic weapon that ” and “ say ” . English film takes you into a new world. You are in the film, acquired structure of the vocabulary of spoken English, phrase, sentence, and the view that expresses all sorts of content. What you should do is a part in envisaging his into the film, in the life that experiencing oneself, live in what experiencing someone else again. Anyhow, see a movie more not bad than living one day in the United States, see a movie to also can acquire pure spoken English.
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