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The 8 great secret of success of conquer French
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One, the 6 words a pithy formula of conquer French: Listen to recording, read accordingly. Read all the time with tape just the same till! Can accomplish this one to create a miracle with respect to enough actually!

2, tape is best teacher! Most standard French! The most outstanding foreign language expert! It accompanies you to create the world's top-ranking language environment at any time and place!

3, memorial recipe repeats namely! Repeat 1000 times, a book from heaven can be blurted out! Reduplicative frequency exceeds the person that the person of others succeeds namely!

4, fragmentary time learns French result best! Practice of fragmentary time enough gives a fluent French!

5, the frequency that the stand or fall of French is equal to mouth to move! Hold to 6 hours to read French madly everyday, a year in you can exceed French announcer!

6, recite and be being recited is the only outlet that learns French! Without the 2nd method!

7, number that the stand or fall of language feeling is equal to a text to recite! The book is read 100 times, its justice show oneself!

8, pronunciation signal is 100 times more important than having a meal, after anteprandial meal 5 minutes, instinct of pronunciation language melt into!

Remarks: In the final analysis a word:

Répéter Au Moment OùL’on Peut Lire.

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