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Interpreter home talks about English study
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Because follow foreign nationality teachers to undertake the language exchanges course, just understanding is us not merely learn English to be able to make mistake, actually the foreigner learns the parent language of themselves, also be all the same fie-fie.

Foreign nationality teacher is taken out show clip, a lot of button are above, I immediately say sth unthinkingly: " Butto”n” " , foreign nationality teacher says with very laudatory tone immediately, your pronunciation is very good, very correct, a lot of people can send this word wrong. I do not understand a bit, be where can make a mistake?
Later, the teacher that Canada comes to just says with my explanation, a lot of people are met a Butto”n”Read aloud Botto”m” . Even if Canadian child, when doctrine word, also read aloud button into " Bottom " , next, canadian teacher taps the end that taps his, say they can say with the child: " Your Bottom Is Here. "

Miss a child, want to learn the parent language of own country, the likelihood wants experience to learn to speak period, elementary school, middle school, training of ten years, ability can apply freely truly, so, as the foreigner we, do not need too rapid move to want really very fierce, slowly come, put relaxed, resemble the study like the child, harvest is perhaps better.

The method that draws lessons from successful personage to learn English is a kind of very good way that raise.

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