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Enhance 10 kinds of methods of memory
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How to enhance memory?
Memory, the experience that goes namely is mirrorred mediumly in person head. It includes to know write down, maintain, emersion / recall 3 basic courses. Memory of elephant of its form materiality, concept memory, logistic memory, mood memory, motion memory.
Memorial archenemy is to forget. Increase memory, avoid actually as far as possible namely and overcome forget. Want to undertake taking exercise conciously only in studying an activity, master memorial rule and method, can be improved and increase memory. The introduction enhances 10 kinds of methods of memory below.
1. Notice to center. Want only when memory sedulous, wholeheartedly, remove distracting thoughts and outside interference, pallium can stay to remember a trace and be forgotten not easily deeply. If distractingly, of one mind 2 with, can reduce memorial efficiency greatly.
2. Interest is strong. If be opposite,learn insipidity of dull of object of material, knowledge, although spend again much time, also remember hard.
3. Understand memory. Understanding is memorial foundation. The prison that the thing ability that understands only writes down, write down for a long time. Rely on mechanical memorizing only, remember not easily. To serious study content, if can make understanding and recital photograph tie, memorial effect will be better.
4. Excessive study. Go up in the basics that learn to studying data namely, write down a few times more, achieve memorize, the degree that remember well. The optimal extent that excessive study is 150% .
5. Review in time. Oblivious career is first fast hind slow. To just learning the knowledge that pass, strike while iron is hot, review in time consolidate, it is the aggrandizement memory trace, significant step that prevents to forget. 6. Often recollect. When study, undertake trying memory ceaselessly, can make remember a mistake to get corrective, omit get redeeming, those who make learn content difficulty to write down is firmer. Idle often recollects the past to know the boy or girl friend that write down in one's leisure time, also can avoid to forget.
7. Read, want, inspect, listen to photograph union. Can use language function and the function that look aural organ at the same time, come aggrandizement memory, improve memorial efficiency. Many better than onefold and subvocal effect.
8. Use a variety of memory methods. According to the circumstance, apply classification neatly memory, characteristic memory, homophonic memory, controversy memory, associate memory, gout memory, chart memory, shorten memory and write outline, become the memorial means such as note, card, all can enhance memory.
9. Master optimal memory time. Generally speaking, in the morning 9 ~ 11 when, afternoon 3 ~ 4 when, in the evening 7 ~ 10 when, for optimal memory time. Use afore-mentioned time to remember the study data that records hard, the effect is better.
10. science uses a brain. In assure to rest nutrition, actively, undertake physical training wait maintain on the foundation of cerebrum, science uses a brain, prevent excessive exhaustion, maintain active and upbeat mood, can improve the work efficiency of cerebrum greatly. This is the key that increases memory.
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