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Abecedarian studies English method
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Good study method should have the following requirement at least:
All should be to accord with pedagogic, psychological, informatics principle.
Consider to make clear: In the outside information that the person gets, 83 % come from a vision, 11 % come from hearing, 3.5 % come from smell, 1.5 % come from touch, 1 % comes from taste, adding information content of vision, hearing apparently is to get information more most desirable method.

2 should be interesting, the study method of natural type, and rather than forces. (Right tough-minded, will is especially good person exceptional)
Study should be a kind of fun, is not painful. Be opposite at this o'clock I the person of 3 minutes of such heat is particularly serious. 20 the coming year had gone from the hardship in should trying education, it is to be afraid of really to forcing the study of type, can avoid avoid, can escape. Although learn English,be so necessary, however, I or hope have type of a kind of interest, the study method of natural type can reach my desire.

The English of condition of can contented above studies a method, specific how be operated?

With the simplest word for, review with newest Ying Meilian audition is mixed namely read text to learn English, play image thinking says English into play, use word of couplet idea shorthand at the same time.

The advantage that such learning is:
1 . Those who learn is newest English, learned to be able to be used immediately absolutely.
2. Accord with pedagogic, psychological, informatics principle, information content is big, impression is deep. Light sees a book lack aural information, listen to recording to lack visual stimulation.
3. Play image thinking says English into play, absolutely not as dry as a chip, also be the most natural method.
The child of English country also is such, listen to the outside, view the external world, try to imitate, said with respect to natural meeting next. Our school teachs ten years, silent word, back word, take an examination of grammar, suffering can'ts bear character, bad flower beauty country 5 years old of child. What did this show?
4. The idea that use couplet fast cross a word to close
When the word that had not contacted is encountered when above is operated, consider reason quickly, namely why is this word this meaning, can be from root affix sets out, can be from foregone other the word sets out, it is the reason of any forms even, be in dialectal homophonic like you. Need not be carried on the back technically remember a word. We are from the clue, write down from inside words condition.

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