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Italian studies a result
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With an any foreign languages, italian has the characteristic of itself and color, in study need throws many passionate He Yong to enrage. Study in language of several years the process is medium, I think Italian has two big characteristics to highlight most:

1, the spelling is convenient. Italian saved the mutual character of Luo Man Austronesian, how to read namely how to write. Because every syllable has specific pronunciation regulation, be in so serious begin to learn after 9 months, basically can accomplish correct dictate.

2, syntactic and complex. Another characteristic of Luo Man Austronesian is syntactic and opposite complex. Compare with English photograph, the grammar of Italian more irregular change multiterminal, especially of the verb change, let abecedarian headache especially unceasingly. Normally original shape of a verb is below the setting such as different tense, person have be out of shape differently means, especially of irregular verb change, can let a person feel even sometimes do not wear brains.

Although Italian looks so complex, however China still has 300 two students every year to graduate from Italian undergraduate course. Although not all person is continueing to use this language in them, but as favorite association increasingly frequent, home is more and more exuberant also to the demand of Italian talent. Then of all kinds groom the class rises abruptly in succession, for Italian education infuse new blood. Open every year outside north only at present have two period groom course, cent is primary class and intermediate class, developed many Italian person with abilities with the education of high quality.

Regard an Italian as the teacher, I suggest everybody is practicing “ listening, say, read, write ” the following respects should note when these 4 basic skill:

Listen: This is the basic ability that learns an any languages. The purpose that learns a foreign language depends on communicating with the foreigner, and the foundation of communication is what understand people says above all. Pass personal experience, I feel “ to listen to ” is not a simple thing. Italian conversation language fast faster, together with dialect is numerous, when the person of different area speaks, how many metropolis is taking the folk adage of certain accent, dialect and place, so temporarily between can feel to judge its meaning hard. In Italy, many northerner conversation contain falling tone, and dialect is curt and determined; Mid person conversation is general enunciation is ambiguous, can omit sound of certain remaining part, dialect slants to slip at making the same score and accompany apparent emphatic move; Dense of southron conversation accent, and oral cavity is hit very, a lot of moment use larynx to articulate. All these characteristic need to pass long harden oneself ability to try to comprehend. Of course, when we are communicating with a new friend, also need not fear overly the accent of the other side, want to center spirit to get used to the pronunciation of the other side to be used to only, at the same time the key captures the verb in their conversation, can understand its from which probably meaning.
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