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"Interpreter " " answer interpret " all " recombine "
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After some examinee finish examination questions of imitate of the university entrance exam, all sorts of multinomial choice problems that discover oneself are complete perhaps agree with right answer for the most part, very complacent, happy to dance rises.

Jun Mo dance, gentleman disappears: “ interpreter ”“ answers interpret ” all “ recombines ” .

Because, the 90 % of examination paper of a the university entrance exam are discourse, 10 % are the sentence that has intact language place. Multinomial choice title is complete perhaps agree with right answer for the most part, can not explain you understand completely and mastered these discourse and all sentences. Can translate them into correct Chinese only, can translate into correct English afresh according to Chinese translation again next, just be complete understanding and mastered these discourse and all sentences. No matter “ translates ” or “ to answer the “ that interpret ” is a term to recombine ” , namely: Need “ reset language to nod the ability of ” .

But, the ability that this kind of “ translates ” and “ to answer interpret ” is not to recite “ English-Chinese to contrast absolutely word watch”The “ result ” that understands ” to the “ of Englishism regulation.

If contrast the English of any discourse and sentence is textual with Chinese translation, you can discover English is textual have 3 apparent different characteristics with Chinese translation: ? ) of each terms in English and Chinese sentence early or late ordinal (namely: ? of # of  of sneer of Huang of Peng of ┐ of Ying of city of ferminum Jie Ge) the term that 50 % hold in English sentence is structural word (be like: Preposition, conjunction, all sorts of pronoun, all sorts of auxiliary and modal verb, all sorts of relations are acting (deputy) word, article, commonly used adverb is waited a moment) . (3) a lot of term change multiterminal in English sentence, and the Chinese characters in Chinese sentence is invariable however. This explains: No matter be, English “ interpreter ” becomes Chinese, still be Chinese translation new “ answers language of interpret ” Cheng Ying, must according to two kinds of languages each terms of sentence of different characteristic new combination (namely: “ recombines ” ) . If do not have this kind of “ to translate ”“ ,answer interpret ” namely: “ recombines the ability of ” , can make below such mistake:

The expressions of ” of clew of Chinese of ”“ of hard interpret of the “ in the exercise in ” of “ written expression.

Have a such written expression, have clew of such a Chinese among them: “ has a Japanese made camera in my case, a few new clotheses that I buy in Xidan, an American stamp that I collected 10 years, with inside the big envelope that holds the 300 dollars that my mother sends from the United States. ”
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