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Translate the direction of the process
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Translate the direction of the process, be being translated and evaluating translation is a very main factor in the program of measurable sex. Get language interpret to become linguistic parent from be used to often of handy, when the vocabulary in treating linguistic parent because of translator, grammar and rhetorical feature more freely. Sometimes, the capacity that a certain translator uses two kinds of different languages is equal almost, but this also may be a kind of adverse element, because he is right these two kinds of languages are too familiar, the result often can not discover to the similarities and differences of usage is used to in these two kinds of languages. If these two kinds of languages special close, for instance spanish is mixed Portuguese, the issue is more complex. In fact, somebody thinks, what neither one person can speak these two kinds of languages euqally is pure, because there is ' of many ' false friend between both.
' of these ' false friend look on form and meaning be like identical, actually has nuance, associate in theirs especially meaning side.
No matter be,interpret joins linguistic parent, what the consideration wants above all in the interpreter is the meaning of text of lucid understanding primitive and function. Actually, compare with other reason photograph, because do not have understanding,the most mistake in translation is textual cause. Same, certain translator goes with how many time scarcely fine fine deliberate is textual, this also is mysterious. Although textual it is routine text, also should grind seriously before interpret read.
As the addition of text itself difficulty, the ability of the translator when its interpret becomes a foreign language appears important even more, the interpreter of poem and song is more such. In an Oriental university that has good reputation very much, an interpreter teacher wrote a paper, discuss to become metaphrase of Chinese ancient poetry English feasibility and measurable sex. A translator, flower interpret that uses about 50 Han Shi put forward to try to explain in article, the translation that has a verse only among them can be English poem.
It is more difficult to become Chinese song interpret become Chinese song interpret English, the person that tells Chinese without a few almost can succeed the ground becomes Chinese song interpret acceptability quits English song. A teacher of tuitional Chinese and English ever tried to come over Chinese libretto interpreter for many times, accord with the requirement that sings with English, but he did not figure out from beginning to end, heavy pronunciation section should be mixed all sorts of music metre (it is 4 / even 4 pat and 3 / 4 pat) the truth of be identical of photograph of keynote accord with. Because Chinese has completely different metrical system, and this translator fails to undertake necessary adjustment when translating song.
The reader that translation place is aimed at
The reader that translation place is aimed at decides to the main factor of language administrative levels is used in translator and interpreter namely almost. Actual condition is, the reader of translation often passive, often ask the student must be bought for instance and undertake the teaching material translation that read and understands, this is why teaching material translates the reason with most inferior quality. The director teachs the government of Yo bureaucratic orgnaization, often emphasize political sex and ignore technicality. Should make a decision finally want to translate publication some to plant when teaching material, its content is early perhaps Si outdated, the science field that this is researching to the job develops at full speed especially such.
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