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Verbal tense, voice consolidates practice 50 problems
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() 1. There _______ No Hospitals In My Hometown Fifty Years Ago.

A. Is B. Are C. Was D. Were

() 2. ---Who Sings Best In Your Class?

---Jenny _______ .

A. Do B. Did C. Does D. Has Done

() 3. ---_____ The Young Girl _____ The Old Man Clean His Room Every Day?

---Yes, she Does.

A. Does; Help B. Has; Helped C. Did; Help D. Do; Helps

() 4. ---Can I Go To Beijing For My Holiday, dad?

---You Can When You _______ A Bit Older.

A. Will Get B. Get C. Are Getting D. Got

() 5. ---What Does Linda Often Do In The Evening?

---She Often _______ Her Homework, but On The Evening Of March 12 She _______ TV.

A. Does; Watches B. Is Doing; Watched

C. Does; Watched D. Is Doing; Was Watching

() 6. Our Geography Teacher Told Us Yesterday That The Earth _______ Around The Sun.

A. Was Moving B. Moved C. Has Moved D. Moves

() 7. If He _______harder, he Will Catch Up With Us Soon.

A. Study B. Studies C. Will Study D. Studied

() 8. ---Don’t Forget To Ask Him To Write To Me.

---I Won’t. As Soon As He _______ , i’ll Ask Him To Write To You.

A. Will Come B. Came C. Comes D. Is Coming

() 9. ---Do You Like This Silk Dress?

---Yes, I Do. It _______ So Soft And Comfortable.

A. Is Feeling B. Feels C. Has Felt D. Is Felt

() 10. Oh, it’s You. I’m Sorry I _______ Know You _______ Here.

A. Don’t; Are B. Didn’t; Are

C. Didn’t; Were D. Don’t; Were

() 11. Mr Lu Xun Died In 1936. He _______ A Lot Of Famous Novels.

A. Wrote B. Was Writing

C. Has Written D. Would Write

() 12. ---Your Telephone Number Again? I _______ Quite Catch It.

---It’s 2567321.

A. Can’t B. Couldn’t C. Don’t D. Didn’t

() 13. ---How Was Your Weekend On The Farm?

---Great! We _______ With The Farmers.

A. Enjoy Ourselves B. Went Fishing

C. Will Work D. Make Friends

() 14. ---What Did Mr Jones Do Before He Moved Here?

---He _______ A City Bus For Over Twenty-five Years.

A. Is Driving B. Drove C. Has Driven D. Drives

() 15. Jane _______ A New Dress Every Month When She Was In Shanghai.

A. Buys B. Is Buying C. Bought D. Will Buy

() 16. ---Liu Mei Can’t Come Tonight.

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