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The name of these countries is very romantic
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China. Chinese Come Here, I Need Affection. Come this, I need to love.
Korea. Korea Keep Optimistic Regardless Of Every Adversity. Although things go contrary to one's wishes is optimistic.
Holland. Holand Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies. Hope our love is lasting and changeless.
Italy. Italian I Trust And Love You. I believe you and love you.
Libya. Libyan Love Is Beautiful, you Also. Love is beautiful you also are.
France. Flange on the west Friendships Remain And Never Can End. Friendship always originallies.
Burma. Burmese Between Us, remember Me Always. Between us, often remember me.
Nepal. Nepalese Never Ever Part As Lovers. Never part like the lover.
India. Indian I Nearly Died In Adoration. My within an inch of is gone in loving madly.
Kenya. Kenya Keep Everything Nice, yet Arousing. Whole thing has maintained will hold interest.
Canatdia. Canadian Cute And Naughty Action That Developed Into Attraction. Lovely create attraction with mischievous movement.
Egypt. Egypt Everything's Great, you Pretty Thing. Perfect, you this beautiful thing.
Manila. Manila May All Nights Inspire Love Always. Overflow long night to feel love momently.
Peru. Peruvian Pefer Everyone Remember Us. Hope all person remembers us.
Thailand. Thailand Totally Happy Always In Love And Never Dull. Complete joy momently in sweet carry.

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