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Practical English 20
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1.When You Get Down To ItGet Down To. . . It is to point to " find out piece most the reason of root Di " , namely layer upon layer reason lay open, pare what get after chrysalis in reel off raw silk from cocoons the most accurate most originally that answer.

2.Let Someone OffLet Someone Off is to point to " put someone one horse " , namely Let Someone Off The Hook, be in as you fishing, fish went up " hook " Hook, and you an its dropt Let It Off The Hook " put it one horse " .

3.I Don't Know What Came Over Me.
The use opportunity of this word is, feel when you from one's own side ability or it is after-thought the move reaction at that time, with common oneself are like two different people, wait for oneself to had answered flavour to come, just feel somewhat inappropriate, be just as Chinese in " I do not know I am which muscle incorrect " .

4.I Think You're Thinking Of Somone Else.
If who is acknowledge a mistake,the use opportunity of this word is person, or be when misremembering a person, you can say I Think You're Thinking Of Someone Else with the other side. " I feel you are to think of people went " .

5.This Is Not How It Looks.
This word is to use those who refute a rumor, let a person misunderstand it seems that when some things, and the true state of affairs is not the surface however that kind, you can use this word This Is Not How It Looks. " the thing is not the surface look such " , do not show what what see by them is one-sided in order to persuade another person, make conclusions suddenly.

6.Pass Oneself Off As. . . Pass Oneself Off As. . . the meaning is " someone deceive becomes …… with pass a barrier " , be just like a child to install adult to see limitative class movie, this may be dress is different, or it is the disguise that whole dresses up, what still incorporate dialect oral speech sound even is different.

7.Be Out Of Someone's LeagueLeague is to point to " allied " , those who be just like American duty club " large alliance " it is Major League. A Be Out Of B's League. The layer class that the meaning of this word is A, ability or it is positional …… compare B tower above a lot of, blame B can be reached. If use,go up in relation of male and female, point to namely " B does not deserve to go up A " , if use the case that dividing victory or defeat commonly, point to namely " A of B be not a patch on " .

8.Talk BackThe means of Talk Back literal " say " , namely " answer back, backchat " meaning. Use in the sentence, you can say Don't Talk Back To Your Parents. " do not follow parental backchat " . Or it is concise ground says Don't Talk Back. " must not backchat " .

9.Spare No EffortThe means of Spare " dispense with, below the province " , effort is " hard " , spare No Effort points to namely " not hesitate principal, not plan cost " , namely you are resolved, even if spent all resource, also want to reach certain goal.
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