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How to let you also can speak pure beauty language
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In real life, many English learner discovery are in intercourse process sometimes cannot very good the idea that conveys oneself or the feeling that comprehend others, can speak the) of English of type of Chinglish (China that makes many joke, how does ability prevent this kind of situation? The following consults for you.
One, the culture that understands western country and local customs emphasize understanding ability of difference of culture of Chinese and Western to make communication effective

Be like: Jack Is A Green Hand At Doing This Work. (Jackie does this kind of job to do not have experience) ” of greener of “ of means of here “green Hand” , “ does not have experience ” , is not the meaning of the hand ” of “ green. England is an insularity, the boat is main vehicle, to maintain ship, commonly used the green paint like seawater comes Qi Chuan. The painter of an inexperience, both hands of the regular meeting when the job sticks full paint. Understood this one setting, the meaning of “green Hand” is differ character is axiomatic.

2, the society uses proper language in proper environment

Language environment is being restricted greatly with the word. Want an attention to use the word that suits context in different language environment, make a thought coherent, content is complete. Be like: Of Course! This one commonly used phrase, “ classmate, spend the New Year this year do you come home not? ”“of Course! "Perhaps you reply to look it seems that so and do not have a problem, but can the foreigner understand “ you is this gibberish? Don't I come home dry what? ” has the meaning that the other side has known originally because of Of Course.

3, what language form is acceptability when the society judges intercourse, what cannot be accepted

Our regular meeting raises a proposal to the other side, the goal that raises a proposal is the proposal that yields others to accept us. Of course, whether is the other side accepted depend on the feasibility of the relation with the other side and proposal, but should avoid to use the term that contains command note and means. Be like: Should…” of “You Must / , and with mood of mild and indirect, appropriate language can affect the other side to accept a proposal greatly.

Be like: “Why Don't You… ? ” , “Why Not… ? ” , “You'd Better… . ”“Do You Think… ? ” .

Why Not Spend More Money On Books of / of Why Don't You? (Why to go up in the book some more floriferous money? (Why to go up in the book some more floriferous money??

You'd Better Do Your Homework All By Yourself. (You had better complete work independently)

Don't You Think Smoking Too Much Is Harmful To Your Health? (had not you thought smoking is too much and harmful your health? (had not you thought smoking is too much and harmful your health??
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