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Interpret of Sino-British each other: Do not look not to know the meaning of 18
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1, pay the bill (Cash) : Right hand big toe, forefinger and middle finger are held together in sky or writing appearance is made on another hand, this is the sign that expresses to want to pay the bill in the restaurant.

2, “ thinks ”(use Your Brain)“ is a bit more alert and resourceful ”(being Clever) : What show him drop with the hand is temporal.

3, “ goofy ”(fool) : Press nose needle with big toe jolty its 4 point to, or 10 point to departure. Also often forefinger to temporal roll, spit a tongue at the same time, the person that expresses to speak of is a goofy ” of “ gawkish ”“ .

4, what “ speaks true is not ”(lying) : When the speech, involuntary ground puts one index finger below nose or when nose edge, those who state other person can understand to speak true for speaking person “ certainly is not ” fab.

5, self-righteous (Complacent Assertion) ; With forefinger upgrade nose, still can express ”(overbearing) of “ extremely arrogant.

6, “ does not make a sound ”(stopping-talking) : The lip adds up to faze, sticking index finger the lip, give out “hush” hiss catcall at the same time.

7, insult and despise (Insulting And Scorning) ; Withstand with big toe nose needle, the strong person that be insulted is jolty other the 4 cockscomb that point to or gesticulation.

8, approve of (Agreement) : Up cock big toe.

9, congratulation (Congratulation) : Both hands is before the body the movement of rub of photograph of mouth ministry height.

10, minatory (Menace) : Because get angry, brandish the movement of a fist appears nowhere does not have. Because of bilk bilk both hands is grasping a fist to exert all one's strength jolty movement.

11, “ is no good absolutely ”(absolutely Not) : The centre of the palm is outward, two arms are before the bosom across, stretch again next to apart one meter is controlled.

12, “ was over ”(that's All) : Two arms are in lumbar across, be down again next, to the body two side are extended.

13, “ bashful ”(shame) : Double arm unbend, be down across, two palms are grasped instead, at the same time the face turns to a side.

14, greet sb (Greeting) : English country person lets sb know on the road, often want to take a cap to express to present one's compliment. Now general already melt into carries cap, just feel cap edge even.

15, glad and excited (Happiness And Excitement) : Both hands make a fist is raised up, around exerts oneself to do sth. again and again jolty.

16, indignant, urgent dry (Anger And Anxiousness) : Two tactics arm in the body two side are stretched, both hands make a fist, glower. Also often first one raise, sip of the sip in the mouth is phonic, blink possibly still at the same time blink an eye or eyeball is mixed up turn to a side, also express indignant, cheesed, urgent dry.
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