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(Achieve formerly) referenced translation of " of " interpreter communication
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I spoke of syntactic importance in " of " interpreter communication, basically be to be aimed at those length sentence, and in him unfamiliar domain. To growing sentence, regard a foreign language as learner for, smooth by language feeling sometimes hard to avoid understands deviation. Be down a face this sentence, after my son that studies abroad in Canada is translated by language feeling, always feel to be read from logic be illogical. Then I reply he says: If change NO into NOT to be put between SHALL and BE, try read both sides. Had later below this Chinese interpreter. I am published now come out, main for the sake of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions. Hope the person that have more interest is discussed together.

Here, I should thank everybody to visit friend, have a boy especially, analysed this sentence in the comment with English for many times, did an interpreter below my requirement, special but assist.

No Waiver By Either Party Of Any Breach Of Any Of The Terms And Conditions Herein Contained To Be Performed By The Other Party Shall Be Construed As A Waiver Of Any Subsequent Breach, whether The Same As Or Different From Any Other Term Or Condition Hereof.

The provision that makes in this contract and condition, contract both sides, if one party was disobeyed among them some some hind and the forgiveness that got other one party, so in not be equal to the one party that break the law to be able to continue to violate this contract identical with other and different provision and condition still gain forgiveness of other one party.

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