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Read 4 law quickly
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When reading English material or be rate is being read in what there are a lot of people to feel his in exam process is not to follow to go up really need, some friends consider as his English foundation to be no good, next desperately back word, if if can use accurate method to undertake be readinged quickly,training actually, although be on original basis,also can reading career respect to obtain remarkable raising, the problem of English foundation is not at all below a lot of circumstances what is more,the rather that more. Let us watch an exercise now quick reading 4 kinds of methods.

1.Quick extensive reading (Fast Extensive Reading)

Want nurturance at ordinary times the habit of quick extensive reading. The extensive reading that tells here is to point to read the book that involves different field in great quantities extensively, the requirement is read quickly, understanding and the main content in mastering a book are OK. Want those who decide one is made clear to read norm, what norm wants to combine his is actual, practical, but much but little. Read 20 pages everyday for example, a semester is calculated with 18 weeks, the book that can read 21 medium ply (every book makes an appointment with 120 pages) .

2.Time read (Timed Reading)
After school wants habit of nurturance timing reading. Time read undertake 5 ~ 10 minutes every time can, should not be too long. Because time to be read quickly, energy height is centered, time grows, easy exhaustion, energy is dispersive, drab instead. When reading, write down first time ”(starting Time) is read since next “ , read end, write down next “ to stop read time ”(finishing Time) , can calculate piece this second read rate. Conveniently is written down, hold to for a long time, sure get clear result.

3.Skim (Skimming)

Skim weighs skip again (Reading And Skipping) or browse (Glancing) , be a kind special, very practical read skill quickly. Alleged skim, it is to point to with as far as possible rapid rate is read, as going up from the plane bird's eye (ground of Bird's Eye View) indicates apparently same, get article carelessness or clou quickly. In other words, skim is to ask the reader undertakes reading selectively, can jump over certain details, in an attempt to captures an article probably, accelerate thereby read rate. According to statistic, well-trained summary reader (of Skimmer) read speed to be able to be achieved minutely 3000 to 4000 words.
When reading, browse the article roughly first, whether there are oneself to work to need with study in reading an article or the data that oneself are interested in and information, it is worth while to determine this implied meaning next fine read. When searching a data, if do not have sufficient time, and when needing to understand highly, can use skim skill. It is OK that “ does not need to understand ” to be not level of the understanding when pointing to skim highly very low, saying to understand a level under what read speed place to obtain commonly slightly however allow.
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