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Findings report shows sports translates a talent to be not worth badly
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Hou Yan) it is among personnel of 14600 professional interpreters of our country, those who be good at sports major translating is only 189 people, occupy only by 1.29% of investigation gross. The day before yesterday, by science and technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences the unit such as interpreter association finishs " Chinese area dragoman lives state findings report " release external, findings shows, professional sports translates a talent to be not worth badly. (more and wonderful news visits capital net Www.jinghua.cn please)

According to guarding estimation, during Beijing Olympic Games, sports translates production value to will exceed 70 million yuan of RMBs, demand is enclothed tens of language, cover a variety of forms such as written translation, simultaneous interpretation, alternant interpreter.
(article origin: Capital net Www.jinghua.cn)

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