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Our country should increase the education of small language talent appropriately
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Shortly of Olympic Games grand meeting, large quantities of volunteers and Olympic Games staff member showed admirable quality, let brethrens the elegant demeanour that with the foreign friend that comes from distance people experienced new Beijing new Olympic Games. 29 Olympic Games are humanitarian Olympic Games, also be green Olympic Games, it is the grand meeting that heart of whole world people is interlinked. Communicate the directest way, it is a language.
Before the Olympic Games comes, many brethrens had noticed the value that communicate, the TV station also is in broadcast the series program that teachs spoken English by each star continuously, many enthusiastic citizens are early had begun to learn English through all sorts of channel. Believe tourist of great majority foreign country and athlete, communicate won't have any problems. Even if the foreign friend of small language, also can get the excellent service of the staff member of organizing committee arrangement.

Think of from this, this the Olympic Games is the big arena that shows Chinese elegant demeanour and Chinese glamour, also be whole world people each other understand absolutely the main chance. Our Olympic Games, can achieve the goal that makes the world farther understand China certainly, also can facilitate certainly the good luck of each supplies what the other needs of lots and lots of world each country after the meeting, have the partner of the long-term stability of mutual benefit of more mutually beneficial.

From this angle for, the whole people popularizes English is necessary, it is to want long-term retentive a job. In the meantime, the talent of small language is fostered also no time to delay. The Olympic Games is a congress after all, increase damage abstruse meeting, also ended entirely on September 20. Existing small language talent can be in completely this phase completes the interpreter, work that communicate satisfactorily. But, after facing the Olympic Games cooperate all sorts of new opportunities of following one by one, long-term abidance, new job, newly, existing small language talent does not know to be used quite.

Common saying says, art do not press a body more. The state can think the development of the language talent in the future establishs new way now. For instance, according to scientific program, the recruit students quota of people of talent of language of size of right amount enlarge. Or, in the college, when the pupil learns the 2nd foreign language, can take as an elective course a few small languages. Under the reality that increases with respect to industry pressure in college graduate, fall in the premise of the study that assures professional knowledge and English study, allow students take as an elective course a few small languages, also be reserve of a kind of talent, also can foster in the professional skill of school student at the same time. When need, the country is unapt cannot find professional, in the meantime, the wind that also can show the mind with easy, affable, open the Chinese nation and talent many more model.
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