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Do not have oral interpretation and communication of written translation U.N. to
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Fine of fine of Jiang of Oriental network reporter, Liu Xin reported on August 4: Congress is translated to go up in the 18th world this morning, u.N. assistant secretary-general Johannes Manjiasha makes · gist speech expresses, if do not have oral interpretation and written translation, u.N. works cannot on the rails.
Manjiasha expresses, u.N. has 192 members state, still have state of observer of a lot of permanent, share the work with the orgnaization of etc and organization. In recent years U.N. organizes a collaboration increasingly also with blame government. Because have so much organization and orgnaization, u.N. is having the diversity of very old culture and language actually. “ if we mean the profit in making sure each interest related side is communicating, doing not have oral interpretation and written translation is completely impossible. ”
As we have learned, character has U.N. everyday expressions 6 kinds: Arabia, Chinese, English, French, Russian and spanish, 6 languages represented the whole world to say the people of these languages, and also represented council of permanant of U.N. Security Council, also be the main language of member country.
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