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The United States translates industrial situation analysis
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Course of study of no less than mies wife person place knows, be in the United States, people is very little to translating what the industry knows, do not agree with even. Every time I encounter a person, in no matter be,working, no matter we are wherefrom the topic rises a little, I can ask they tell me 3 any names that translate a company. Although be in the United States to have company of more than 3000 interpreters, but still neither one person can tell me among them name. More interesting is, they always say “ when beginning to want of course, this kind of service affirms a large number of need. ” or “ hum, in fact, I believe my madam (brother / friend / associate) had used this service. The demand that ” interpreter serves is very big, it is allegedly in growth, but as a result of all sorts of reasons, the interpreter still lies as an industry primary level. The article will elaborate the reason that the United States translates industrial current situation and the attempt answers this industry to not be approved.

The United States translates an organization to basically have 3 kinds of composition

The interpreter personnel that interpreter industry of the United States becomes independent by nearly 1000 and the 3000 interpreters company that above has said are comprised. The setting that translates personnel is differ, some had sufferred true interpreter grooms or already obtained relevant training, but great majority is done not have. What most person has is interpreter experience. Most circumstance is they ever had sufferred official language grooms and this kind grooms involve an interpreter again. Having a kind of person is a certain position that is in a company holds a post, because of have language advantage and translate letter of a few trade or similar document. Still having a kind of person is to be besides the technology, the individual is interested in language and interpreter. The person that another kind of person is English blame mother tongue comes the United States from other country, the professional knowledge union that can be like the profession before oneself the gift of tongues and oneself the place such as doctor, engineer, scientist to have rises to create the profession of a high pay for oneself. It is the job that such crowd is pursueing all and actual interpreter, they basically are 3 kinds by cent: Full-time translator, full-time free translator and pluralistic freedom translator.
Current, full-time translator or the full-time staff member that become an interpreter only in certain company the amount is the smallest. This kind of crowd is commonly in government of the international company, company that pursues international general affairs, United States or the translation firm in oneself hold a post. The company that has interpreter department and organization are not much, this kind of number is accordingly more limited also. In addition, translate association according to the United States (American Translators Association) recent research, the income of this kind of crowd wants than free translator a few less, and the person income that is engaged in translating the job in the government organization is lesser.
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