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The interpreter affects the world
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Be in China, want the person that in going up, learns only, with respect to hear of heart of song of too big literary giant, banquet is strapped, the name of the person such as Hai Nie, and song heart famous book " the annoyance with teenager particular dimension " be in China is widely known more. But, the international that big half a lifetime is engaged in translating the job and language education translates an allied chairman, German professor to finish heart gentleman, had never read an interpret to become the Chinese literature work of German or English however, also do not make give the name of writer of a China. He is very candid to his “ ignorant ” : The issue that this was showing “ to translate a bound now to exist in culture confluence respect. ”

4 days of world interpreter plenary meeting that hold in Shanghai perhaps are not the important matter of structure of economy of politics of international of influence of a meeting, mr Manjiasha points out the U.N. assistant secretary-general that no less than attends the meeting: “ translator unknown to public, always conceal in the backside of diplomatic flow. ” Professor Bide says: “ our nonintervention promotes the process of world politics. ” but, international politics scholar won't be denied, the language is phenomenon of politics of a kind of international occasionally. And the language affects the world, the carrier that because it is culture,travels above all, it is having the effect of foremost edge to the confluence of different culture.

The English hegemony since a few centuries, trend of public opinion of or so world, bearing the weight of the transmission of western viewpoint of value, and even the process that affecting human civilization. No less than is stationed in French ambassador Wu Jianmin to point out in the gist speech of congress opening ceremony formerly, “ west culture, in the culture that regnant sex is since nearly a few centuries. It gave the development of world mankind civilization and progress of science and technology to make enormous contribution, but also make at the same time a few Hesperian think, it is right thing to them, also be correct certainly to someone else, but the fact is not always is such. ” from this respect for, the process that much polarization world fashions will be passed necessarily multivariate to the world of culture compatible and harbour, the prosperity with cultural exchange is expedite will come true.

Sincere be said like Professor Bide, translate course of politics of working nonintervention world, but if lack an interpreter, perhaps say to lack language communication, culture often reduces political victim however. The first day when hold in congress, mr Wu Jianmin and Professor Bide happen to coincide because the language is illogical,the ground was mentioned the culture that create is new feeling, aid those who pushed “ China menace to talk ” to spread. Finish heart professor points out, “ is not knowing Chinese because of the majority person of other country on the world, cannot communicate with the Chinese, so they have kind of fear to China. This shows, the communication between country and country, come true not just through science and technology, commerce, the interpreter is having very main effect. ” Mr Wu Jianmin says, when abroad somebody speaks of “ China menace talking ” with me, I say China is not minatory. Why? Have two big reason, the first reason is Chinese culture makes thinking means of the Chinese and west different; The 2nd reason is China “ double a center that wins ” strategy to regard international as the strategy, and the formation of this international strategy just also comes from the culture tradition at China. So the mutual understanding between different country, different people, different culture is crucial.
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