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Clairvoyant: Chinese interpreter grooms the market
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As the flying development of home market economy, association of the classics trade between China and world each country, culture, education is more and more frequent, everyday all sorts of international conferences are held in China, and the form of Chinese delegacy is active also and alive bound each corners. Data shows, the large city such as Chinese Beijing Shanghai, in annual conference fastigium, need is passed together, hand in pass the conference that waits for translation service to be in 100 / day above, and according to not complete count, the simultaneous interpretation talent of our country major is 30 people to control only. Interpreter market and the interpreter that its derive groom the market also subsequently hot rise.
Additional as we have learned, during the Olympic Games, only this one production value can reach professional sports interpreter industry 70 million yuan of RMBs, in addition, still many qualified personnel awaits professional sports interpreter to groom, the language test that has a volunteer more and language groom, domestic interpreter grooms the big cake of the market already attracted numerous capital flock and enter.
Below so fervent setting, domestic interpreter grooms the characteristic landscape that the market formed him having a unique style.

Groom market good and evil people mixed up, the interpreter is on-the-job groom blank

Basis market rule, once the market generates dear demand, can draw on a lot of coming from of capital of folk of abroad, country a large number of swarming into, there is no lack of among them the generation of ” of “ make a profit in troubled situation. Groom the orgnaization also is such, below the market demand that in the interpreter talent breach increases increasingly, the major with abundant force of a batch of persons qualified to teaches grooms while the orgnaization is born, a lot of do not have a requirement groom the orgnaization also gets a change to step in.
The personage inside course of study is opposite groom the discovery after market research, in such groom in the orgnaization, education quality has assuring normal orgnaization is minority however. It is to use for the most part hang the “ that relies on means to develop recruit students activity temporarily door ” , groom quality can care. Grooming the Shanghai that the orgnaization gathers, the foreign language grooms already became the ” of “ firepower area that at present consumer complains.
Another interesting circumstance is, groom numerously on the market at present orgnaization, basically be aimed at student or the incumbent that hope to be engaged in an interpreter, teach them the introductory law of a few interpreters, means that provides interpreter of domain of a few industries and material, can help student leave out the interpreter skill that a lot of time go arranging these domains. But what face interpreter domain truly is on-the-job groom still present blank situation.
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