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Baidu and cereal song contend are online interpreter market
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Dispatch of sina science and technology on July 10 midday message, baidu just announces to roll out free interpreter to serve (Dict.baidu.com) , as formal as Gu Ge contend is online interpreter market. Before, gu Ge has in interpreter domain all the time throw continuously.

It is reported, baidu translation service is before “ Baidu dictionary translates those who serve ” to upgrade, offerred Sino-British, flower in each other interpret and word inquiry function, the full length interpreter that supports 1000 Chinese characters at most serves. Baidu dictionary is on 2004 line, connect Dr.eye collaboration to roll out by Baidu and interpret allusion.

Chief expresses related Baidu, rolling out this service is to satisfy the requirement of Chinese user. The survey that carries pair of users discovers, compatriots has bigger demand to interpret of Chinese and English each other. Strengthen further as what cooperate with each, prospective Baidu translates a service still will support more languages.

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