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The Chinese in English world
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Be in the United States, chinese is not large family, also not be in Latin a group of things with common features current, because the Chinese still belongs to minority a group of things with common features, and the expression that odd syllabic the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics moves is in language world is exceptional after all. The People's Daily is abroad edition message, however such language unexpectedly also infiltration the west lives, going up to be the daily vocabulary with familiar people somehow. The exemple of very few number that I choose is below:

Kongfu Kungfu (empty husband) , the machine of on the ave that lives in me 50 % leads somebody to want to ask me “ kongfu ” , the person of 15 % should exhibit accipitral situation to become monkey state, have a good command of in order to show to the “ of Chinese fist ” and admire; Feel like old friends at the first meeting calls the person of 90 % my outstanding overcomes · old (into dragon) , Martial plum (Li Xiaolong) , visible China kongfu piece in one of western development popular feeling spot.

Path Tao (cover) , see Yupalamalibo is big company of standard component of Ke Fei of market black an outstanding personality, jackie is in its elders of a country or district to me when interrogation, profess to know “ path ” , know “ father ” , do not know its to know “ path ” to deny, know to deny father again what kind of person also.

Aperture master Confucius, this word enters English vocabulary already, I knows on the west person dawn this word is embellish lowing riverside is taken an examination of to make an on-the-spot investigation in Surinam, er of black Sa erroneous and I am thick when talking about …… of Qin Shi emperor, Great Wall, Mao Zedong, Jiang Jieshi, the Great Cultural Revolution to talk tradition of Chinese old culture, allude; Again Holand literature school wants Chinese student to keep Oriental philosophy a bit, designation should write Confucius.

Yinyung of yin and yang (yin and yang) , see at the United States white rub when door missionary discusses thing variance different to my do missionary work, its population spits ” of “ yin and yang, but do not know the two opposing principles in nature why content; After listening to me to ask why god doesn't say Chinese, the escape when he stands goes.

Cheongsam Qipao (cheongsam) , I am managing inn of one wife and children to gentle and graceful from time to tome beautiful girl (black and white palm mixes blood, doubt is a Palestinian) should buy a cheongsam into inn, I am open-eyed at that time, hate my China civilization is intermittent long.

Mango Mango (blind dog) , the Surinamese calls a fruit the name, see its content and China exactly like.

Citric Lemonade (will cheat be able to bear or endure) , tangerine produces our country south formerly, according to " Chinese science and technology history " textual research of one book author Dr. Li Yaose, originate in region of moisture of warmth of the foot of mountain of the Himalayas north formerly, the west is passed into after, today Surinam language and Dutch call tangerine Sinanapple, mean China apple; Lemon is belonged to for tangerine, reason should come out for our country.
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