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Small language engineer seeks hegemony duty field becomes duty field new popular
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Meeting English does not calculate ” of “ person with power, additional control ability of a foreign language seeks hegemony duty field. The reporter understood from net of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job recently, as Chinese economy and world economy conform, the demand of engineer of small language software is bigger and bigger.

Advisory Hao Jian introduces resource of talent of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job, at present although the very requirement measure of this kind of talent is not much, but there is the tendency that rise all the time inside the near future, be worth to pay close attention to. Have relevant and professional technical ability besides the requirement, the person that these companies emphasize meeting Japanese, Han Yu, Italian is preferential consideration, there is no lack of among them IBM such well-known company.

Hao Jian is analysed, manpower cost of China is at present lower, this one advantage not only the talent demand that attracted English country, also attracting the demand of small language country. And the country that in Japan, Italy, Korea these IT industry developed quite, more pressing to the language requirement of software engineer.

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