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Translate the odd current situation of the bound
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Is Fu Lei a good dream only?
—— witnesses the odd current situation that translates a bound in recent years

Who returns book of interpret of appearance of Lei Na resembling teacher?

Fu Lei greats master as an interpreter, his interpreter quality and achievement almost everybody commend, but him Fu Lei is not self-confident however, change again, " tall old man " changed 3 times, " the Si Duo in gram of · agreement writing's husband " also changed twice. This is big almost alter, the interpreter with specific respecting, he should pass 6 working procedure commonly, was to change again more. But he always feels oneself no matter interpret which book, cannot come from the beginning remaining part is good.

He is in " Fu Lei a letter from home " in speak of: “ begins a few days this to read the mind that take Er (Fu Ertai) work, his story sex is not strong, rely on an article completely if have,be like the allegorical that not have, I looked is chestnut chestnut worry and fear really, feel to do not have ability expression to come out. The sort of style had better want to need aunt, Qian Bai's mother that one. My character is too formalist, too “ solid ” , not quite nifty, not quite light spirit. ” still plaints after interpret is over even: “ from first after interpret, to send till, already mended his ways 6, still disrelish not quite quaint, the style of 18 centuries is not communicated piece. ”

Sincere be like character of Yang Jiang place: Someone says aloof and proud of Fu Lei “ as ” of the crane between the cloud, fu Lei is more than however compare oneself before Zhongshu and me for the mice ” in “ wall hole. Yang Jiang thinks Fu Lei is not argumentative, also not be modest, just spoke oneself true state of mind. What this says is Fu Lei's individual character, the mood that actually divert describes Fu Lei to go up in the interpreter is very exact also. In the eye of a lot of readers, fu Lei is a great master that translates a bound, the expression of his lifelike that translates a style formed a distinctive height, be just as the crane between the cloud to need to admire commonly inspect ability to see. But the Fu Lei in specific interpreter is like wall hole however medium mice is general, every time gingerly, on thin ice.

Compare with interpreter state photograph of Fu Lei, world-shaking of present interpreter bound it may be said, changed the world. Speak of present interpreter group, it is the reader shakes his head not only, the personage inside group course of study also shakes one's head even the interpreter again and again.

A when fishing of dawn of king of scholar of institute of criticism of culture of the university that be the same as aid uncovers secret " history on the most arrogant translator " circulate on the net very wide, a Long Jing of 29 years old 4 years of interpret 23 book, and work type span is very big, arrive from literature commerce, arrive again learning, almost omnipotent interpret, saying to go up is history go up the most arrogant translator. But king dawn fishing discovered a ” such as “ Li Si again immediately, its interpret wrote achievement to exceed Long Jing far, because of him from job time longer, incidence is wider, scale of production reachs the degree that the group runs basically. Compile from 1996 " the generation that break down " be removed to borrowed by criticism, his interpret writes a career to did not stop ongoing pace all the time, translate an amount to let king dawn fishing be sincerely convinced to what do not have law statistic more a “ history on most the most arrogant the title of translator ” hurries submissively photograph sends.
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