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The market prospect of simultaneous interpretation
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Simultaneous interpretation is to show buccal dragoman uses special facilities for simultaneous interpretation, sit in soundproof to be passed together room, common calls “ the case”In, listen to source language spokesman's continuous speech through earphone at the same time, the complete information content that conveys speaking person place almost synchronously to mike at the same time is translated thoroughly into purpose language, output of its interpret language is carried through mike. Need the person attend the meeting of the service that pass interpret, can pass autodyne, move the language channel that oneself want, listen to corresponding interpret language output from inside earphone.
After the Second World War ends, when establishing the World Court in German Nuremberg to try fascist war criminal, adopt simultaneous interpretation first, this also is the first time on the world adopts simultaneous interpretation in large international activity.
Simultaneous interpretation is a kind of interpreter with all sorts of highest difficulty in translating an activity, often be called the highest state of foreign language major.
The ” of “ hour labour with highest income everyday income 449.
In 54 kinds of industries that salary of the member that person of full-time obtain employment is not in “ lists in watch of directive price ” , simultaneous interpretation with horary highest the price of 2000 yuan of RMBs unplugs so that the head prepares.
In the translates a company simultaneous interpretation price-list that is in a Beijing, english kind 1 day of 12 thousand ~ 21 thousand yuan of RMBs, blame English kind it is 18 thousand yuan of RMBs. Need 2 ~ commonly 3 dragoman comprise group of a simultaneous interpretation to have alternant job, the interpreter price that afore-mentioned prices are a group one day, conclude accordingly, simultaneous interpretation lowest a day of income 4000 yuan of RMBs.
Simultaneous interpretation member pay of a day is equivalent to a white-collar the income of a month, they can be earned one day 559.
The firewood fulfil that simultaneous interpretation attends the meeting one day is 5000 yuan of RMBs, and some conference firewood fulfil are met taller. When the conference is busy, for instance 3 ~ were gone to in December with 9 ~ in July can discharge very completely toward program, some conferences need to shift to an earlier date a many month is booked. Outstanding dragoman is in meeting summit when lunar income can achieve 40 thousand yuan taller even, so to outstanding dragoman year income 500 thousand more perhaps no wonder also.
Take Beijing for, the reward that pays simultaneous interpretation at present is commonly everyday 4000 yuan of RMBs, this is the average earning of every groups of 3 people, if do not need aide and task of the independent interpreter that finish, highest can achieve everyday 10 thousand yuan of above. The computation of time undertakes according to 8 hours of weekday, begin to calculate a long time to 4 hours from the conference, 4 hours above calculates a day to 8 hours. In addition, the fee of board and lodging that the client will pay simultaneous interpretation, airline ticket charge, ground transportation expenses and other concerned charge, in general, income is very considerable.
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