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U.N. file interpreter and interpreter serve internationalization
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China publishs a company to evaginate interpret (” of company of the interpret in abbreviation “ ) it is the national level interpreter that holds water via approval of the State Council publication orgnaization. Interpret company is the achievement that China rises abruptly on international political arena in, it is the newborn baby of Chinese reforming and opening, its hold water to be contacted together with the name of age great person.

1971, u.N. the 2758th resolution alleges, the delegate that “ admits government of People's Republic of China is China the ” of exclusive and lawful delegate in United Nations Organization, “ of People's Republic of China is Security Council one of 5 permanent members ” . The Chinese that regards U.N. as one of Chinese of 6 kinds of jobs translates the job, also go up with respect to the falls to the republic with young even shoulder of there is no shirking the responsibility. 1973, during People's Republic of China restores the lawful chair in U.N. two years, represent Huang Hua's ambassador to suggest by Chinese permanent U.N. , zhou En comes the premier is decisive and decision-making, ” of group of “ U.N. data holds water in Beijing, the interpreter that is engaged in U.N. file technically works. 70 time, small smooth comrade approves Deng to transfer from the whole nation personally foreign language cadre is contented strengthen ” of group of “ U.N. data, extend translates publication place external for “ Beijing”. Classics the State Council approved extend to be “ China to translate publication company ” external 1979.

One, the characteristic of U.N. file and in the interpreter characteristic of interpret company

30 come for years, in interpret company all the time bear is worn the important task that translates U.N. document, wraparound for, the main characteristic of U.N. file has: 1) Chinese of 6 kinds of jobs has coequal place; 2) the susceptibility of the file is tall; 3) sex of effectiveness for a given period of time is strong; 4) confidential sex is strict; 5) the file involves an area wide, have sex of numerous and jumbled, almost all-embracing.

Through 30 accumulate for years, interpret company is translating U.N. file respect to had formed original characteristic in, main body is the following now respect:
Pay attention to integral solution. In interpret company reachs each for a long time to offer much language to translate a service about the orgnaization for U.N. headquarters, devote oneself to to offer comprehensive language solution for the client from beginning to end, in information globalization today, my company makes full use of newest IT, utmost favourable geographical position uses network resource, resource of professional of integrated and of all kinds language, the language solution that offers efficient, stable, accurate express the idea for international home client.
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