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Normative interpreter serves the market, stimulative industry grows in order
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Weave seriously and carry out the national level that translates service industry actively, it is the important safeguard that market of service of translation of normative our country and industry of stimulative translation service grow in order. But should make national level can cogent play guiding market, normative behavior and the action that promote a service quality, we still need to strengthening the conduct propaganda, operation that raises a level to the gender is popularized with what increase a level and be superintended much work is done on strength.

Below I the understanding that with respect to above a few problems talk about an individual when and idea.

One, the fundamental premise that strengthening conduct propaganda to work is the national level that weave and spreads executive interpreter service industry and safeguard

Since go up century 70 time end, in the 20 old time since China is on the road of reforming and opening, the interpreter career of our country experienced unprecedented high speed to develop. Today, there is many 400 registered interpreter company in Shanghai merely, return those who have countless to be set in government, enterprise or business translate a branch with tall intramural. These branches work besides the interpreter that completes this unit outside, a lot of also provide translation service for the society. Accordingly, everyday thousands of go up even the job that the person of 10 thousand is pursueing translating in this city. Their some is translating clause of literary novel, paper, law; Some does an interpreter on all sorts of conferences and exhibition; Some is leading the square respect area that tourism group is visitting Shanghai, some is project project and scientific research to do an interpreter in building site, workshop and lab; Some is in in studio dub film or teleplay. Anyhow, the interpreter has pervaded the square respect aspect of our society and life today, the development of each domains such as its economy to urge our country, society, culture, scientific research, education was developed estimate hard, the positive effect that little also humanness knows.

But, a lot of problems that we also see on market of our country interpreter place exists and malady. What highlight most among them is service quality disorder of uneven, market control does not have foreword.

We see today lots and lots of in outside interpret or outside the novel in interpret, file, an album of paintings, service instruction and fair show language can find very apparent mistake and Chinglish, some can use “ even horrible ” will describe. Although be in the Shanghai that compares evolution and internationalization relatively, want to go on the driveway only, (Shanghai word calls “ bag driveway ” , english is “window Shopping” ) , everybody is translated with respect to what can see a lot of “ dazzling ” (Eyesores) . Be like not long ago, of Shanghai new civilian evening paper, this also is the evening paper with domestic the at present biggest circulation, in published a report in the front article of the front page. , say the mark sex of firm completion is built, the label interpreter on the big bridge of the East China Sea that grows 32 kilometers is not accurate, non-standard. I also had looked to big bridge. There is a very big traffic label card over there, there is “ to ask above not exhaustion drives, there is English interpreter on ” edge, those who write is “Don’t Drive Fatigue” . From literal a Native English-speaker also perhaps can be guessed come out its implication, but this affirmation is not accurate English interpreter, not be pure English interpreter more. My refinance inscribes play here a bit. Some places set an interpret of this caution language to be “Don’t Drive When Tired” now, this comes from grammar say do not have what fault. But in English country is this word how say? What I see on British freeway is “Tiredness Kills. Take A Break” , what see in the United States is “Stay Alert, stay Alive” . Compare with the mark be sensible of these English, the “Don’t Drive Fatigue” of Shanghai differs honest too far.
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