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Chinese interpreter serves industry and enterprise modernization
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Ladies, gentlemen:

Be honoured to the opportunity attends to translate the association, China International that sponsors jointly with aid university to translate industrial forum by China very much, with China and foreign countries personage of interpreter business circles translates development of industrialization, internationalization to undertake discuss and communicating. I hope to pass today's communication, between enterprise of interpreter of can promotional China and foreign countries communicate with understanding, for future each other are friendly collaboration, win-win, development, perfect.
The competition ability of industry of interpreter of thematic “ China of this second forum and internationalization ” are the major problem that a man of insight of business circles of interpreter of a China pays close attention to very.
Language, it is the tool of human communication, the person that uses different language should undertake communicating, achieve understand one another, must pass an interpreter. The interpreter is the bridge of cultural exchange and ligament from beginning to end. Interpreter activity history of China is long. By the Eastern Han Dynasty the interpreter of the sutra interpreter to Tang Song, science and technology at the beginning of Ming Moqing, the Opium War comes the Western learning that 54 ” move translates “ , till global information age comes, globalization trend development develops and Chinese development is becoming world economy to develop new impetus to measure today, translate climax happen frequently.

The development that Chinese interpreter works is accompanying China civilization and world to be communicated civilizedly from beginning to end, the mankind is advanced of culture travel and develop. However till 20 centuries 70 time metaphase, if orgnaization of relevant government sector is organized,interpreter labour of China decides, the service is published at diplomatic activity, foreign trade, culture communication, learning, science and technology. Translation service has not move toward a society.
20 centuries after 80 time, the demand that the reform process of the pace that translates a service to accompanying China to move toward the world and Chinese socialist market economy regards a society as begins to move toward a society; Translation service makes burgeoning contemporary service field, serve commodity to begin to move toward the market as a kind. The socialization that Chinese interpreter serves, commercialize, formed flourishing with each passing day Chinese to translate service market stage by stage, china also begins to appear to be engaged in technically translating the enterprise of the service.

China publishs a company to evaginate interpret (”) of company of the interpret in abbreviation “ is in just about 1973, people's Republic of China restores U.N. lawful chair two years during the is engaged in U.N. file technically interpreter servive routine that hold water. 30 come for years, interpret company is U.N. place all the time in belong to orgnaization and other international organization to offer much language to translate a service, built a height to specialization, the interpreter of internationalization serves a team, the rich experience that accumulates with respect of file of U.N. of 30 old interpreters is rely on, devote oneself to to realize the internationalization that translates a service, modernization.
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