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Translation service standardizes the sense that develops to the industry and tre
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One, what is translation service standardization

The standard is the unified provision that pair of repeatability things and notional place make, it carries out the integrated achievement of experience to be a foundation with science and technology, agree through talking things over about the respect, by the director the branch is approved, release with specific form, as the norm that observes jointly and basis. “ is passed make, release and implement a standard, achieving unified ” is the essence of standardization, “ achieves the goal that optimal order and social benefit ” are standardization. Establishing a standard is for action of the company inside normative industry, the identifying with normative to the behavior inside course of study community of convenient society and supervise. And translation service standardization is to show the guidance in standard consciousness falls, the administrative system of controller standardization, uniform technology standard and service project, program and the design that book a target and groom, offer to the client that translates a product unified, but date from and the repetition that can examine serve. Begin from 2002, chinese interpret assist concerned branch of organization of commission of interpreter translation service and the national level that company staff translates service industry, up to now, already promulgated by committee of national standardization management carry out " translation service is normative written translation of the first part " (GB/T19363.1-2003) , " quality of translation service translation asks " (GB/T19682-2005) , " translation service is normative oral interpretation of the 2nd part " already also examined the checkup of the meeting through the expert, the newspaper is approved wait for promulgate.

Translating the first function that serves standardization is to reduce service quality message the asymmetry between both sides of supply and demand. The interpreter belongs to the category that serves a product roughly, and one of main features of the product serve producer of incline to of the client in the process namely: The client got ability may complete consumptive process translating a product only. The consumptive insecurity sense that place of uncertainty of this kind of in advance brings meets requirement interpreter serve an enterprise to offer the safe move that can expect to serve as compensation, this also is psychology the underlying demand of balanced mechanism. Entrust an interpreter when you when the unit is translated, total hope can is opposite in beforehand translation service quality has the anticipation that comparative. In early days, because the client cannot is opposite,the quality that translates a service undertakes examining, the information of translation service quality that most client place masters is less than generator apparently. After when the interpreter only service industry enters standardization period, client ability passes concerned country, industry and industry standard translate the quality of the product to undertake those who have a basis anticipate to what will consume quite. Although the client feels proper to rights and interests gets enroach on, also can apply for judicatory to relieve according to relevant specification. So, the interpreter serves standardization can utmost ground makes serve quality information to distributing symmetrically between action principal part.
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