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Zhejiang Normal University China apparel network build a base of Translation
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June 24, 2009, Zhejiang Normal University in China apparel network was formally set up the "translation practice base." This is the first large group of Zhejiang Normal University, the company was set up base in Translation colonel. Chinese apparel network for the college to further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, work and study, improve their practical ability to innovate, to help compound the training of professionals, providing another platform for good practice. Predecessor of Zhejiang Normal University Foreign Languages Department of Foreign Languages, Zhejiang Normal University, was founded in 1960, under the English, Russian professional in 1965 the school moved from Hangzhou to Jinhua. Department of Foreign Languages in 1978, reconstruction, in September 1988 established the Ministry of Foreign Language Teaching, October 1996 Department of Foreign Languages and merged the Ministry of Foreign Language Teaching of Foreign Languages. College English Department is now located, Japanese Department, Department of Translation and Foreign Language Teaching of the four teaching units, with English (Normal), Japanese, translation (English) three undergraduate programs, which focus on English as the only building of English in Zhejiang Province The professional in 2006, the Ministry of Education assessment of undergraduate teaching English to get good. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as a key discipline in Zhejiang University, Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Institute for the university key. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, Curriculum and Instruction (English education) and Master of Education (English) for the master's degree. College is strong, existing staff 155 people, including 9 professors, and another part-time professor 4, 27, associate professor, Ph.D. (including reading) 21, Master 109, the College each year to employ well-known scholars, experts and the British, United States, Canada, Japan and other national experts to the hospital to teach and give lectures. More than 1,000 existing full-time undergraduates, 210 graduate students. Colleges and nine universities abroad have a collaborative relationship, each selected excellent English, Japanese students to the United States, Japan and other countries scholarship to study abroad. School has 24,000 square meters of new buildings and modern audio-visual teaching equipment, has 14 language laboratories, four networked classrooms, 48 classrooms, simultaneous interpretation lab is under construction, comes with a recording studio, recording studio, Academic Hall FM stations and other advanced teaching facilities, teaching and research activities for the teachers and students provides a good condition.