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Red of king of teacher lecturer of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language
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Wang Dan, female, sichuan person
University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is advanced interpreter institute instructor
British Lancaster University, culture research Master 2002
Theory of written translation of mouth of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language and practice Master 2003
Email: Misswangdan@hotmail.com
Professional specialty: International conference simultaneous interpretation
Be passed more than 10 years repeatedly and pass experience together, if ministry of Ministry of Agriculture, culture, Guangdong saves the country such as various government, flower beauty to be stationed in Hua Na to get house, Xi Menzi to wait for the enterprise that cross a state,service object includes national ministries and commissions, translate conference of of all kinds international above of 100 showing number, for example:  of the act that invade Ga chops ⒐ of  of sword of Hu of ぢ Si constant ǚ to be stupefied  [ of compose of  plum ⒄ head  of discharge of ⒅ of curtain of grey Zhun of Xue of time of collection of whistle of  of discharge of ⒅ of skirt  curtain crouchs sail fat Xin Lang of ⒅ of  of ox of  of old Si constant ń rots spoon.
Study way:
Education of oral interpretation research, oral interpretation
Tell schoolteaching Cheng:
Pass oral interpretation of interpret, simultaneous interpretation, special subject continuously (Master graduate student) , international conference is translated (Master graduate student)
Scientific research achievement:
" Tu Long " the figure of “ model ” of female of the east in film of Hollywood of — solution compose " new perspective: Contemporary literature culture studies " press of college of industry of Hua Na grain in August 2000
Teaching material:
" tutorial of oral interpretation of advanced Chinese-English English-Chinese " ginseng make up Huanali work college press in August 2001
" English should try guidance " ginseng make up press of Guangdong higher education / sound of Guangzhou foreign language resembles a publishing house in August 2000
Interpret writes:
" healthy woman " company of article remit edition / world books press in August 2000
Scientific research project:
Special subject of ” of mode of interactive type training learns “ oral interpretation website (GDA081)- - Guangdong province college is contemporary ” of project of educational skill “151 the 3rd batch
Outstanding education achievement (the 3rd person that finish)
Reform of system of course of professional oral interpretation and construction (provincial and second-class award)
Data sources: Http://www1.gdufs.edu.cn/sits/teach_content.php? Teach_id=11

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